Syed Abdul Hadi
(Playback Singer)
(1 July 1940)

Syed Abdul Hadi is a Bangladeshi singer who was born on July 1, 1940. His celebrity stems from his longstanding involvement with music

Veteran singer Syed Abdul Hadi managed to capture the hearts of millions of Bengalis with his melodious songs and the messages that they portray. When several of his playback songs began to shape popular taste in the 1970s, he became a household name.

In his illustrious career, spanning over almost sixty long years, the singer has won five Bangladesh National Film Awards for Best Male Playback Singer and received the EkusheyPadak in 2000.

He has released multiple albums and sang several songs during his career. Despite his successful singing career, he began his career as a teacher. He also had other jobs, including one in a federal agency and another in television.

Music has remained his sole steady career throughout his life, even while other occupations disappeared. He had no intention of becoming a singer, but his lovely voice pulled him in that direction. He even wished he hadn’t been promoted so he could focus on music without being hindered.


Life of “Syed Abdul Hadi” At a Glance:

Real Name: Syed Abdul Hadi

Mostly Known As: Abdul Hadi

  ‣ Singer
  ‣ Teacher

Date of Birth:28 February 1950 – 5 June 2011

Place of Birth: Shahpur village in Kasba, Brahmanbaria in the-then British India 

Nationality: Bangladeshi

Religion: Islam

  ‣ Dhaka College
  ‣ University of Dhaka.

Present age: 81 Years Old

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

  ‣ Vocals

  ‣ EkusheyPadak
  ‣ Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer (5 times)

Early Life of “Syed Abdul Hadi”:

Syed Abdul Hadi was born in the then-British India village of Shahpur in Kasba’sBrahmanbaria region. He grew up in Agartala, where he was raised by his grandfather’s house. His grandfather was an Agartala court lawyer. Hadi earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Dhaka and Dhaka College, respectively.

He was born and nurtured in the midst of natural beauty, which had a profound influence on his thinking. This, he feels, sparked his artistic side even more. He has a passion for music since he was a child. At his residence, he loved to listen to tunes on the phonograph. His father, too, had a lovely voice that served as an influence. In other words, he grew up in an atmosphere that valued music and grew up listening to it. He places a high priority on just listening to music. At his childhood, he also loved to listen to songs played in cinema halls

Career of Syed Abdul Hadi:

Abdul Hadi learnt a great deal from the likes of Abdul Ahad and Kamal Dasgupta. Despite the fact that he was unable to pursue musical education owing to his employment, his knowledge and practice enabled him to capture the spirit of music. He was also a big fan of English music from the 1950s and 1960s, which influenced several of his compositions. Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Nat King Cole, and Harry Belafonte are among his favorite artists.

His musical theory is straightforward: music, like a river, cannot be diverted by human activity; music never remains stationary. He values formal musical education and considers it to be the cornerstone of effective music making. He placed a high importance on discipline, which he practiced in all aspects of his life. He also believes that in order to be successful in any field, discipline must be maintained.

Throughout his career, he has received immense love and appreciation from the audience. He feels extremely lucky to have been able to etch a place for himself in the hearts of so many. He is grateful for everything his audience has done for him. He does not feel that he has much left unfulfilled as he has been so loved by all.

Hadi debuted as a singer for the film Ye BhiEkKahani (1964).


Abdul Hadi has been awarded several awards for his contributions to the country and the Bangladeshi music.
◉ He won the Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer five times for his playback performance in the films GolapiEkhonTraine (1979), Sundori (1979), Koshai (1980), GoriberBou (1990) and Khoma (1992).
◉ He is the recipient of EkusheyPadak in 2000.
◉ Standard Chartered-The Daily Star Celebrating Life 2019 ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ in the Music category



Solo Albums
  ‣ Ekbar Jodi Keu
  ‣ PrithibirPanthoshala
  ‣ EkDinCholeJabo
  ‣ KothaBolbo Na
  ‣ MegherPalki / Best of Syed Abdul Hadi
  ‣ JokhonVangloMilonMela
  ‣ NiyotiAamar
  ‣ HazarTararProdeep
  ‣ Dag

Mixed Albums
  ‣ Neel Bedona with Sabina Yasmin
  ‣ Balaka with Sabina Yasmin
  ‣ Noyonmoni with Sabina Yasmin
  ‣ JonmoThekeJwolchhi with Samina Chowdhury
  ‣ Golden Hits of Syed Abdul Hadi& Sabina Yasmin with Sabina Yasmin

Notable Songs
  ‣ AachhenAamarMuktar
  ‣ AamiTomariPremoVikhari
  ‣ ChokhBujileiDuniyaAandhar
  ‣ Chok’kherNojor
  ‣ Chole Jay Jodi Keu
  ‣ Ekbar Jodi Keu Valobasto
  ‣ EmonotoPrem Hoy
  ‣ JeyoNaSathi
  ‣ JonmoThekeJwolchhi
  ‣ Ki Kore Bolibo
  ‣ Keno Tare AamiEtoValobaslam
  ‣ Soti Mayer SotiKon’na
  ‣ TomaderSukherNire
  ‣ KaroAaponHoite
  ‣ Je Matir Buke
  ‣ EiPrithibirPanthoshalay
  ‣ KothaBolbo Na Bolechhi
  ‣ JaniTumiCholeJabe
  ‣ SokhiCholoNaJolsaGhore
  ‣ SurjodoyeTumiSurjasteTumi
  ‣ Prithibi to DuDiner’iBasa
  ‣ AaulBaulLalonerDeshe
  ‣ Ke Jane Koto DureSukherThhikana
  ‣ AamarDosheAamiDoshi
  ‣ Tel GeleFuraiya
  ‣ Pankha re Pankha
  ‣ Aamar Babar Kotha

Syed Abdul Hadi is a visionary in the music history of our country. His contributions to the Bangladesh’s music world is commendable as well as will never be forgotten

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