Biography of Nasir Uddin Biswas

Industrialist, Businessman

(22 February 1944 – 12 September 2022)

We often hear about the stories of “Zero to Hero”. But have you ever wondered, do these heroes actually exist in real life or not? You will be proud to know many famous personalities of Bangladesh gained everything from nothing just as those heroes. Nasir Uddin Biswas is one among them. 

Nasir Uddin Biswas is one of the most recognized industrialists in Bangladesh. In 1977, he founded the famous business industry “Nasir Group”. By his utmost hard work and dedication, he became one of the top 10 businessmen in the country. He even made employment for thousands of people who are living a prestigious life on their decent earnings. Moreover, he is known as the mastermind behind building Kushtia, a land of industries. Not just in the field of business, he has a great selfless investment in social work as well. So, let’s look more to know all about this prominent business magnate.

Life of “Nasir Uddin Biswas” at a glance 


Real Name: Nasir Uddin Biswas


Date of Birth: 22 February 1944


Place of Birth: Shunaikundi, Daulatpur, Kushtia


Father Name: Idris Ali


Mother Name: Rahima Begum


Sibling: 6


  • Two Brothers
  • Four Sisters


Professions: Chairman and Managing Director of Nasir Group of Industries


Education: B.Com from Kushtia Government College


Religion: Islam


Native Language: Bangla


Nationality: Bangladeshi


Spouse: Anowara Biswas


Children: 2


Favorite Hobby: Not Known


Awards and Achievements


  • Business Person of the Year – 2013
  • CIP Awards

Early Life

Nasir Uddin Biswas was born on 22 February 1944. His birthplace is in Shunaikundi village, Daulatpur subdistrict, Kushtia. He is the second son of Idris Ali and Rahima Begum. His father was a farmer and his mother was a housewife. He had two brothers and four sisters. He belonged to a middle-class happy family. He got a lot of affection and support from his family. That’s the reason; the son of a farmer has become such a business tycoon today.


Nasir Uddin Biswas is a commerce graduate. From a very early age, he was a very bright student. He completed SSC from Hoglabari High School in 1967. Later, in 1969, he finished his HSC from Kushtia Government College. After that, he gained the degree of B.Com from the same college in 1971. After finishing his studies, he entered a new chapter of his successful career.


Nasir Uddin Biswas started his career in 1977. First, he worked as a tobacco trader and worked for mainly another businessman named Akij. Later, he decided to try his luck by setting up his own company. So, Nasir established the “North Bengal Plastic Industry” in his native village Kushtia. But dreadfully, the factory could not make that profit as it was supposed to make. Yet, Nasir did not abandon hope. He gave his heart and soul and soon his patience paid off. Near 1980-81, the factory started getting profit as expected. After that, he continued his successful journey by including one after one new business. As of 2024, the Nasir Group has successfully established 11 companies. 

Companies of Nasir Group


  • Nasir Biri Industries Limited (NBIL) 
  • Bangladesh Melamine Industries Limited  
  • Bangladesh Footwear Industries Limited (Jump Keds) 
  • Nasir Tobacco Industries Limited (NTIL) 
  • Nasir Leaf Tobacco Industries Limited (NLT) 
  • Nasir Printing Packaging Industries Limited (NPPIL)
  • Nasir Glassware & Tube Industries Limited ( NGTIL)
  • Nasir Starch Company Limited (NSCL)
  • Nasir Energy saving Lamp Industries Limited (NESLIL)
  • Nasir Glass (Float) Industries Limited (NGIL)

Nasir Biri Industries Ltd. (NBIL)


Nasir Biri Industries Limited is one of the early companies of Nasir Group founded by Nasir Uddin Biswas. He set up the factory in Daulatpur, Kushtia. The factory has employed over 10,000 people till now.


Location of Factory          : Allardarga, Daulatpur, Kushtia

Land Area of Factory       : 1848 Decimal

Commercial Operation     : Since 1977

Work Force of Factory     : 10,000

Biswas Printing & Packaging Industry Ltd. (BPPIL)


Biswas Printing & Packaging Industries Ltd. is another company of Nasir Group. The company is considered one of the leading printing industries in Bangladesh. Carton making for packaging like cosmetics, foods, tobacco, frozen shrimp, ceramics, glassware, lighting wares, and so on are the specialty of the company. They are qualified to provide multi-color printing services as well. 


Location of Factory          : Allardarga, Daulatpur, Kushtia

Land Area of Factory       : 627 Decimal

Commercial Operation     : Since 1977

Work Force of Factory     : 300

Bangladesh Melamine Industries Ltd. (BMIL)


Nasir Uddin Biswas is the pioneer of manufacturing melamine tableware in the country. His successful addition of “Bangladesh Melamine Industries Limited” to Nasir Group created a new milestone in the manufacturing business of Bangladesh. The factory is mainly designed for producing overall dishes, soup bowls, bowls, tumbles, plates, mugs, spoons, tiffin carriers, gift sets, and so on. Not just in Bangladesh, the company even excelled around the global market for its incredibly skilled management, modern technology, and strict control of quality. 


Location of Factory          : Borabo, Tarabo, Rupganj, Narayanganj

Land Area of Factory       : 165 Decimal

Commercial Operation     : Since 1985

Work Force of Factory     : 1500

Market Ranking                : 2

Bangladesh Footwear Industries Ltd. (BFIL)


Bangladesh Footwear Industries Limited has been recognized as the top Bangladeshi footwear manufacturers since 1997. The company has gained immense acceptance for specialized manufacturing quality. 


Location of Factory          : Borabo, Tarabo, Rupganj, Narayanganj

Land Area of Factory       : 165 Decimal

Commercial Operation     : Since 1997

Work Force of Factory     : 2000

Market Ranking                : 1

Nasir Tobacco Industries Ltd.


Nasir Tobacco Industries Limited is another recognized company of Nasir Group. The factory is organized by Nasir Uddin Biswas in his native village Kushtia. Exporting cigarettes, cut rolled expanded stem (CRES), cut tobacco, filter rods and cork tipping paper are the expertise of the company. 


Location of Factory          : Allardarga, Daulatpur, Kushtia

Land Area of Factory       : 2145 Decimal

Commercial Operation     : Since April, 1997

Work Force of Factory     : 300 (Factory), 1700 (Market)

Market Ranking               : 4th

Nasir Leaf Tobacco Industries Ltd (NLTIL)


Nasir Leaf Tobacco Industries Limited is an addition to Nasir Group. The company was founded by Nasir Uddin Biswas in 1998. Since 2001, the factory has been exporting tobacco on a regular basis to European, USA, and Asian markets. 


Location of Factory          : Allardarga, Daulatpur, Kushtia

Land Area of Factory       : 627 Decimal

Commercial Operation     : Since May 1998

Work Force of Factory     : 300

Nasir Glassware & Tube Industries Ltd. (NGTIL) 


Nasir Glassware & Tube Industries Limited is another prestigious company founded by Nasir Uddin Biswas. The factory has been set up at Gorai, Mirzapur, Tangail. Glass manufacturing such as cups, bowls, saucers, mugs, tumblers, CFL lamps, fluorescent tube lamps, and so on are their main creativity. The company has the capacity to design 100 tons of glassware and 20 tons of tubing per day. 

Nasir Printing & Packaging Industries Ltd. (NPPIL)


Nasir Printing & Packaging Industries Limited is a corrugated paper board making company. The factory has been located in Gorai, Mirzapur, Tangail. This factory is capable of planting 30 million pcs of boxes per year. The raw materials are verily collected from Brazil, Australia, USA and Korea. 

Nasir Energy Saving Lamp Industries Ltd (NESLIL)


Nasir Energy Saving Lamp Industries Limited is a part of Nasir Group. The company is recognized for its high quality energy saving lamp constructed by the best technology and technicians. This is the first time CFL lighting products are being made in Bangladesh through basic elements like stems, glass tubes, filaments, plastic holders, phosphors, metallic caps, and so on. The factory is established in Gorai, Mirzapur, Tangail, and is absolutely comfortable designing 40,000 pieces of lamps per day. 

Nasir Glass Industries Ltd. (Float Glass) (NGIL)


Nasir Glass Industries Limited (Float Glass) is a dream project of Nasir Uddin Biswas. He set up the factory over 23 acres of flourishing green land at Joina Bazar, Sreepu, Gazipur. His dream project has been designed with impressive grandeur presenting a panoramic view of the elegant beauty of nature. The factory is highly qualified with all the advanced pieces of machinery and experienced professionals. 


Through all these companies, Nasir Group of Industries has become one of the highest successful industries in Bangladesh. The great intellect behind this tremendous success is Nasir Uddin Biswas. This business giant has not just contributed to the business world. In his entire life, he had a major part in serving the nation through his selfless contributions as well. 

Contributions, Awards and Achievements

Nasir Uddin Biswas had a great desire for education. Once, during his speech, he shared that when he was in school, most of the parents were not very concerned about their children’s studies. They didn’t know the value of education. That’s the reason; most of the students were not interested in school or college. They used to spend most of their time playing or roaming around the village. Nasir knew that it was education that could remove the darkness of illiteracy from his village. That’s why he decided to establish schools and colleges in Kushtia. 

As a result, in 1988, he set up “Nasir Uddin Girl’s High School”. Later the school was expanded to college in 2002. In 1992, he established another school after his mother’s name “Rahima Begum High School”. After two years, in 1994, he made the foundation of “Nasir Uddin Biswas Degree College” in Daulatpur village, Kushtia. Besides, to serve his village with better medical care, he established “Anowara Biswas Ma O Shishu Hospital” in 1991. The hospital was named after his beloved wife Anowara Biswas. 

Though he selflessly invested all in his dream business and social work, the country didn’t forget to hold him in high esteem. Because of his outstanding business strategy, Nasir Uddin Biswas was honored with many awards in the business arena. He was awarded with “Business Person of the Year” in 2013. Nasir also achieved the “CIP Awards” several times. 


Nasir Uddin Biswas was a man miles away from all controversies. But the road of this tremendous success was not as easy as it seems. At the early part of his career, he faced a fall down. One of the influential personalities named “Akij” offered him to supply tobacco to his Dhaka Tobacco Factory. During that time, the factory was the largest tobacco factory in Bangladesh. He was very convinced and agreed to the proposal without any delay. But soon the business ties broke as their bonding did not last long for some unknown reason. But after a while, the misunderstanding became a blessing as Nasir decided to start his own business. As a consequence, he became one of the most influential business personalities in Bangladesh. 

But he faced another fall down near the end of his career. Regretfully, this time it was by his own family. As Nasir Uddin Biswas married twice. The relationship between the two families is not very good. Once he decided to gift some shares of Nasir Glass to his son and daughter. But the trouble overwhelmed as he got to know his son and daughter were planning to take over the whole company from him. When he learned about the conspiracy, he became very heartbroken. Soon, he bought back all the shares gifted to them and cemented the holdings of his company back. Today he made “Nasir Group ” a multi-billionaire company as a market leader in Bangladesh.


Nasir Uddin Biswas is a name of trust and respect for his native. If Kushtia had become a town of industries, the intellect behind the masterpiece was Nasir Uddin Biswas. His business not just made thousands of people self-reliant. However, the expansion of his business around the global market uplifted the economy of Bangladesh to another level. The proficiency of his industries also helped to earn the country huge foreign currency as well. 


Besides, the contribution of Nasir Uddin Biswas to his native land, made him even more generous. He always encouraged the children for education. Often he used to say that if one has the desire to achieve something, he can achieve anything. Once he said in his speech, “If the son of a farmer can become a millionaire, you can also achieve whatever you want”.


Since 1991, he started giving scholarships to 100 students. So that the students can step further with proper education without any disruption. He also laid the foundation of 14 schools in 14 unions of Kushtia all by his earnings. That’s how he became the light of thousands of lives in Bangladesh. 


Nasir Uddin Biswas was a man who stepped into the highest peak of his success with his utmost hard work and dedication. Belonging to a poor farmer’s family, he never stopped dreaming. It was his dreams which made him come this far. The way he built the whole company all by himself is tremendously praiseworthy. But, 

even being such a business giant, the way he cared about his people and served until his last breath made him the heart of a thousand souls. No matter how far time flies, he will always be remembered by the people of Bangladesh. 



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