Ayub Bachchu (AB)
(Singer, Rock Guitarist, Composer, Song Writer)
(16 August 1962 – 18 October 2018)


Ayub Bachchu, mostly known as “AB” is the legendary name in the history of Bangladeshi Band Music. He was a renownedBangladeshi rock guitarist, composer, singer and songwriter at a time. During the 90’s, Ayub Bachchu was one of the torch bearers who brought the Bangladeshi music industry into a strong position. He was best known as the founder of the Bangladeshi Rock Band, “Love Runs Blind” (LRB) and earned immense success as the lead singer as well as the lead guitarist of the band. Before founding the band “LRB”, he was the lead guitarist of the bands, “Feelings” and “Souls”. Later he founded LRB. In the history of Bangladeshi rock music, he was one of the most prominent figures.

AyubBachchu was born at Khorna union of Patiya in Chittagong on August 16, 1962 (Then East Pakistan, Now Bangladesh).He was the eldest son of Mohammad Ishaque Chowdhury and Nurjahan Begum. His nick name was Robin.

Several best-selling albums were released by AyubBachchu with LRB as well as a solo performer. He won six “MerilProthomAlo Awards”, one “Citycell-Channel I Music Award with LRB and won the “Bachsas Awards” in the Best Male Vocal category in 2004. He won the “Tele Cine Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2017.

This legendary person died of cardiac failure, on Thursday, October 18, 2018 in his own residence in Dhaka at 21:55 BST at the age of 56. He gave his last performance in Zilla School, Rangpur, Bangladesh, two days before his death.

Name: Ayub Bachchu

Nick Name: Robin

Best Known by Fans: AB

✏ Singer
✏ Rock Guitarist
✏ Composer
✏ Song Writer

Date of Birth: August 16, 1962

Place of Birth: Chittagong in Patiya at Khorna union, Bangladesh

Nationality: Bangladeshi

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Religion: Islam

Education: Muslim High School

Father: Mohammad Ishaque Chowdhury

Mother: Nurjahan Begum

Spouse: Ferdous Ayub Chandana

Children: Two

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Years active: 1977-2018

Died: October 18, 2018

Dying Age: 56 years

Dying Place: His own residence in Dhaka

Reason For Death: Cardiac failure

First Debut Song: Harano Bikeler Golpo.

LRB’s Debut Song: Ekdin Ghum Bhanga Shohore

First Band Name: Spider

First Solo Album: Rokto Golap

Genres: Rock

✦ Guitar
✦ Bass
✦ Vocals
✦ keyboards

✦ AB Kitchen
✦ Soundtek
✦ Sargam
✦ Sangeeta

Associated acts:
✦ Souls
✦ Azam Khan
✦ James
✦ Kumar Bishwajit
✦ Asif Akbar
✦ S.I. Tutul


✦ Six “Meril Prothom Alo Awards”
✦ One “Citycell-Channel I Music Award with LRB
✦ One “Bachsas Awards” in the Best Male Vocal category
✦ One “Tele Cine Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2017
✦ One “Lifetime Achievement Awards”. 

Early Life of “AyubBachchu” :

Ayub Bachcu was born in Chittagong in Patiya at Khorna Union(Then East Pakistan) on August 16, 1962. His father’s name was Mohammad Ishaque Chowdhury and mother’s name was Nurjahan Begum. He was called by his nickname “Robin” to his family. After the Liberation War of Bangladesh, his family moved to the Chittagong city and resided in Jubilee road.

When he was in class four, her father gifted him his first acoustic guitar in 1973. Ayub Bachchu’s first band name was “Spider”, the very first band of Chittagong. Jacob Dias, the founder of the “Spider” had taught him playing guitar. From year 1974 to 1977, he worked with “Spider” band as a main lead guitarist.

He was inspired by the guitar playing technique of “Jimi Hendrix” and “Joe Satriani”. He was graduated from “Government Muslim High School” in 1979.

Ayib Bachchu formed a band “Golden Boys” which was later renamed as “Ugly Boyz”, while studying in high school. While working with his own band Ugly Boys, Ayub Bachchu joined the rock band “Feelings (now known as Nagar Baul)” in 1977. He played in the band from 1977 to 1980. In 1980, he joined the band “Souls”. There he played for ten years and emerged in four studio albums including “Super Souls”   in 1982, “College ErCorridore” in 1985, “Manush Matir Kachakachi” in 1987 and “East and West” in 1988. He left “Souls” to form his own band LRB in 1991, where he was the vocalist and guitarist for 27 years, until his death in 2018.

His first ever double album “LRB I” and “LRB II” was released in 1992. “CholoBodle Jai”, one of the most iconic rock songs in Bangladesh was the song in LRB’s third studio album “Shukh”. Apart from being a fabulous guitarist, he also gained immense success as a solo artist. “RoktoGolap was his first solo album which was released in September 1986. Releasing albums like “Moyna” in 1988 and “Koshto” in 1995 was a breakthrough in his career. He released the first ever instrumental album of Bangladesh, “Sound of Silence” in 2007 which was also the only one instrumental rock album in his career.

He released the first ever double album: LRB I and LRB II in 1992, with the band. LRB’s third studio album Shukh, which featured “CholoBodle Jai” is still one of the greatest rock songs in Bangladesh. He also received well success as a solo artist. His first solo album RoktoGolap was released in September 1986. He got his breakthrough by releasing albums like Moyna (1988) and Koshto (1995) which received well success. He released only one instrumental rock album in his career: Sound of Silence (2007), which is the first ever instrumental album in Bangladesh.

First Debut Song:

“Harano Bikeler Golpo” was Ayub Bachchu’s debut song which was written by renowned lyricist Shahid Mahmud Jangi.

LRB’s debut song “EkdinGhumBhangaShohore” was also written by renowned lyricist Shahid Mahmud Jangi which was the first released song of LRB.

Career of Ayub Bacchu:

“Harano Bikeler Golpo” was the first debut music of Ayub Bachchu. His first music album “Rokto Golap” was first released in 1986. “Moyna” was his second album but his third music album “Koshto” was a superhit album which was released in 1995 featuring one of the most heart touching song “Koshto Pete Valobashi”. With this song, Ayub Bacchu gained much popularity and became a heartthrob singer around the nation.
He formed his own band “Love Runs Blind (LRB)” in 1991. There he played a role as the lead guitarist and vocal. He also worked for 10 year for the band “Souls” before building his own band. In spite of being a rock singer, Ayub Bachchu amused the music lovers with modern, classic and folk songs. As a playback singer, he made debut with the song ‘Anonto Prem Tumi Dao Amake’. Apart from these, he had given voice to lots of film’s song.

➼ 1977–1990: Feelings and Souls
In 1977, while working with his own band “Ugly Boys”, he joined the rock band “Feelings (now known as Nagar Baul)” in 1977. He joined the band as the lead guitarist and stayed with the band for next two years until in 1980.

He joined Souls in early-1980 and played with the band for next 10 years as the lead guitarist, songwriter and occasional singer. He had appeared on four studio albums of the band, including Super Souls (1982), College ErCorridore (1985) and ManushMatirKachakachi (1987), which features the first song sung by him, “HaranoBikelerGolpo”. His last album with Souls was East and West (1988).

➼ 1991–2018: LRB
In the late-1990, Bachchu left Souls, he formed a band named “Yellow River Band” with SaidulHasanSwapan on bass guitars, S.I. Tutul on keyboards and Habib Anwar Joy on drums on 5 April 1991.

In the mid-1991, while performing in a club, the “Yellow River Band”were mistakenly called the “Little River Band”.AyubBachchu liked the name officially named his band. But, they changed their name to “Love Runs Blind” in 1997, after they heard about the Australian rock band of the same name.

LRB did their first ever concert in the University of Dhaka, a concert that was arranged by BAMBA, celebrating the downfall of autocratic leader Hussein Muhammad Ershadin April 1991.

They released the first ever double album: LRB I and LRB II, in January 1992, This band’s third studio album “Shuk”, was released in June 1993. It included the iconic song “CholoBodleJai”,This song is regarded as one of the greatest songs of AyubBacchu.

LRB released several albums in the 1990s and soon became one of the most popular rock acts of Bangladesh. In 1996, they performed in Bengaluru, which was their first concert outside Bangladesh. LRB is the only Bangladeshi artist to perform in the Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Other works:

➼ Ayub Bachchu performed live with Richard and Le Gang, Remo Fernandes, Nandon Bugchi and Bickram Ghosh of India. He also had played with Azam Khan, Feelings, Miles, Warfaze.

➼ He appeared as a judge on “IIM Joka Rock Fest” in India, “Benson and Hedges Star Search I and II”, and “D-Rockstar I”. Ayub Bachchu was one of the panel judges of Bangladeshi Idol.

➼ He led LRB at the South Asian Bands Festival 2013. In spite of being a fabulous guitarist and singer, he had also worked as a music director for Azam Khan, Niloy Das, Khalid Hasan Milu, Tapan Chowdhury, Rupam Islam, Hasan Abidur Reja Jewel, Alam Ara Minu, Jholo and many others.

➼ He had also popular for musical scoring of television commercials. He wrote songs for Grameenphone, provided the tune and music arrangement for the song “DolLageDol” for the local television channels on the occasion of the FIFA World Cup 2014

➼ In order to bring new talents and fresh voices into the spotlight, Ayub Bachchu collaborated with Radio Foortiby giving those rising stars, a platform to perform and shine.

➼ Ayub Bachchu was one of the leaders of Bangladesh Musical Bands Association (BAMBA).

Family of Ayub Bacchu:

Mohammad Ishaque Chowdhury was his father and Nurjahan Begum was his mother. He had two brothers. He was the eldest among them.

He married FerdousChandana on 31 January 1991.He met FerdousChandana in the early 1986, when he came to Dhaka to record his debut solo album RoktoGolap.Together the couple had two children. Their daughter is FairuzSaffraAyub who was born in 1994 and son AhnafTazwarAyub who was born in 1996.

AB Kitchen:

He had owned a production house named ‘AB Kitchen’. In November 2012. This studio had recorded over 40 studio albums, numerous AD Jingles, TV drama, films and film scores.

In 1999, the first album by the label was produced under the name of “Bachchu’sShomoy From 2001”. All the albums of LRB had been recorded and released by the label.

Three projects, including “D-Rockstars” in 2005, “R-Music” in 2006 and “SA 2 SA” in 2007 was started by this label. All of these were televised respectively in G-Series TV, RTV and Channel I.

Death of Ayub Bacchu:

Ayub Bachchu was was suffering from lung ailment and was admitted to the Square Hospital on 27 November 2012. He was admitted in the Coronary Care Unit (CCU) under the supervision of Dr. Mirza Nizamuddin of the hospital.He recovered after receiving treatment.

Ayub Bacchu died of cardiac failure On Thursday in 18 October 2018, at his residence in Maghbazar, Dhaka at 21:55 BST at the age of 56.

He was buried in the graveyard of Chaitanya Goli in Chittagong beside his mother’s grave.


Ayub Bachchu ranked second on The Top Ten list of “Top 10 Greatest Guitarist of Bangladesh”. He is also considered to be one of the “big three rock stars of Bangladesh” along with Azam Khan and James. He is also considered to be the first electric guitarist in Bangladesh.

Several famous guitarist were and still are influenced by him. They includes: Ibrahim Ahmed Kamal from Warfaze, , Iqbal Asif Jewel from Miles, Legend, and Warfaze, ErshadZaman from Artcell), George Lincoln D’ Costa form Artcell, Kazi Faisal Mahmud from Metal Maze, Artcell, Oni Hasan from Vibe, Warfaze, Emon Chowdhury from Chirkut, Samir Hafiz from Powersurge.

On 20 October 2018, the mayor of Chittagong City Corporation, A J M Nasir Uddin proposed that an “important road in the port city Chittagong and a seminar hall in Muslim Hall will be naming after him.

Chattogram City Corporation Mayor AJM Nasir Uddin unveiled the sculpture of the guitar at the Probortok intersection in Chattogram. The sculpture of the 18-feet tall guitar is made of steel and has six strings.


➼ 16th Tele Cine Awards

  • Year

    Nominee / work





    Lifetime Achievement Award


➼ 32nd Bachsas Awards


Nominee / work





Best Male Vocal


MerilProthomAlo Awards


Nominee / work




Love Runs Blind

Best Band of the Year



Love Runs Blind

Best Band of the Year



Love Runs Blind

Best Band of the Year



Mon Chaile Mon Pabe

Album of the Year



Love Runs Blind

Best Band of the Year




Album of the Year




Best Male Vocal of the Year


➼ Citycell-Channel I Music Awards


Nominee / work





Album of the Year



Solo Albums:

➼ Rokto Golap (1986)
➼ Moyna (1989)
➼ Koshto (1995)
➼ Shomoy (1999)
➼ Eka (1999)
➼ Prem Tumi Ki (2000)
➼ Duti Mon (2002)
➼ Kafela (2002)
➼ PremPremer Moto (2003)
➼ Pother Gaan (2004)
➼ Vatir Gaane Matir Tane (2006)
➼ Jibon (2006)
➼ Sound of Silence (2007)
➼ Rim Jhim Brishti (2008)
➼ Bolini Kokhono (2009)
➼ Jiboner Golpo (2015)


➼ Super Souls (1982)
➼ College ErCorridore (1985)
➼ ManushMatirKachakachi (1987)
➼ East and West (1988)

Film scores:

Below is the list of films where Bachchu produced the original soundtrack.
➼ Luttoraj (1996)
➼ Sagorika (1998)
➼ LalBadshah (1999)
➼ Ammajan (1999)
➼ Gunda Number 1 (2000)
➼ Bachelor (2004)
➼ Wrong Number (2004)
➼ Chander Moto Bou (2009)
➼ Chorabali (2012)
➼ Television (2012)
➼ Ek Cup Cha (2014)

AyubBacchuis a lifetime legend who cannot be forgotten and will be remembered forever to the nation.


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