Ahsan Khan Chowdhury
(Chairman and CEO, PRAN RFL Group, Bangladesh)
(September 6, 1970)


Ahsan Khan Chowdhury is the chairman and CEO of the PRAN RFL Group, Bangladesh’s largest Food and Beverage Company; before, he served as the Deputy Managing Director.

Mr. Ahsan Khan Chowdhury is a member of the Executive Committee of Midland Bank Limited and one of the Sponsor Directors. He also serves as Chairman of the Bank’s Risk Management Committee. Mr. Chowdhury attended Wartburg College in the United States before joining the PRAN-RFL Group as a Director in 1992. He is the Head of Business Operations for all organizations, with great overseeing abilities and a passion for running businesses. Following the untimely death of his father, Maj Gen Amjad Khan Chowdhury (Retd. ), the Group’s famous entrepreneur and driving force, Mr. Chowdhury is now managing the firm with his energetic leadership.

Recently, he was chosen Chairman and CEO of PRAN-RFL. PRAN and RFL are two notable prominent brands in Bangladesh’s FMCG and Light Engineering industries, respectively. Following the success of previous years in several categories, other firms within this group were awarded the Best Exporter’s Trophy this year as well. AMCL-PRAN received the Silver award of the “2nd ICSB National Award-2014” for Corporate Governance Excellence as a result of his strong governance in the firm. The Group is made up of 49 companies with over 80,000 workers working in various fields.


Name: Ahsan Khan Chowdhury
Business Magnet
Entrepreneur by trade
Chairman and CEO of PRAN-RFL Group
Date of Birth: September 6, 1970
Place of Birth: Dhaka
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Religion: Islam
Wartburg College (BA): 1992
Notre Dame College, Dhaka(HSC): 1989
St. Joseph High School, Dhaka: (SSC): 1987
Current work position: Chairman and CEO of PRAN-RFL Group
Previous work history: Deputy Managing Director at PRAN-RFL Group
Father: Amjad Khan Chowdhury
Mother: SabihaAmjad
Siblings: Azar J. K. Chowdhury, SheiraHaq and Uzma Chowdhury
Spouse: Seema Chowdhury
Children: Two daughter, Samia and Sameen
Special Skills:
Marketing Strategy
Business Planning
Sales Management
Product Development
Team Leadership
Business Development
Team Management
Notabe Ventures: Currently he is associated with the following Organizations
Advance Personal Care Limited
Rangpur Foundry Limited
Agricultural Marketing Co. Ltd
Accessories World Limited
Banga Agro Processing Limited
Gonga Foundry Limited
Banga Bakers Limited
Banga Miller Limited
Trade Environment Limited
Chorka Fashions Limited
AKC (Pvt.) Limited
Chorka Textile Limited
AKC Management Limited
Habiganj Agro Limited
Allplast Bangladesh Limited
Habiganj Textile Limited
Banga Building Materials Limited
Mymensingh Agro Limited
Banga Plastic International Limited
Natore Agro Limited
Habiganj Ceramics Limited
Natore Dairy Limited
Habiganj Glassware Limited
PRAN Agro Limited
Multi -Line Industries Limited
PRAN Agro Business Limited
RFL Construction Limited
PRAN Beverage Limited
RFL Electronics Limited
PRAN Confectionery Limited
RFL Exports Limited
PRAN Dairy Limited
Rangpur Metal Industries Limited
PRAN Exports Limited
RFL Plastics Limited
PRAN Foods Limited
Durable Plastic Limited
Packmat Industries Limited
Habiganj Metal Industries Limited
Sylvan Agriculture Limited
Logi-Care Overseas Limited
Sun Basic Chemicals Limited
Bangladesh Lift Industries Limited
Sylvan Technologies Limited
Property Development Limited
Sylvan Poultry Limited
Career Builders Limited
Banga Trading House Limited

Early Lifeand Education of “Ahsan Khan Chowdhury”:

Ahsan Khan Chowdhury was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh on September 6, 1970.Mr. Chowdhury began his studies in Dhaka and then moved to the United States for further education, graduating from Wartburg College in Iowa in 1992.

Business Career of Ahsan Khan Chowdhury:

Mr. Chowdhury began his career in the real estate, food, plastic, and light engineering businesses of his family. He worked in all three industries and was exceptionally effective in closing transactions that were beneficial for the organization. PRAN-RFL Group gained widespread acceptance and recognition in Bangladesh and throughout the world in a short period of time under his strong leadership.

It is now Bangladesh’s fastest-growing corporation, contributing considerably to the country’s socioeconomic growth. Currently, the company has interests in agro-processing, food, plastics, light engineering, finance, and a variety of other industries. The company owns and operates production facilities in 23 distinct sites across Bangladesh. PRAN-RFL Group employs around 110,000 persons directly and another 15,000,000.00 people indirectly.

Mr. Chowdhury’s contribution to the Group’s performance over the previous 27 years has been critical. He is an entrepreneur by trade, but he is a trailblazer on multiple fronts. He is well-known as a sales, marketing, and business development professional. From the beginning of his career, he placed a significant emphasis on sales and marketing, with the goal of making his products and services available in every store, even in the most distant corners of the nation. He travels extensively throughout Bangladesh in order to establish a strong sales and distribution network. Despite fierce competition from global corporations, the organization now has a market share of over 65 percent of the industry in Bangladesh.

Strong Believe of Ahsan Khan Chowdhury :

Mr. Chowdhury believes that, despite being the world’s most densely inhabited and poorest country, Bangladesh has a lot of growth potential if given the chance. Bangladesh is regarded an agro-based country, but as the trend shifts, the economy is fast transitioning to a market-based economy, and the country is transforming into a strong and competitive industrial powerhouse. Bangladesh is equipped with a massive human resource pool that, if correctly exploited, might prove to be a tremendous asset for the country’s economic growth.

Global Export Scenario:

Mr. Chowdhury concentrated on the export sector after winning the hearts of millions in Bangladesh. To enhance and grow the markets, he traveled widely throughout all continents, focusing on North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The Group has opened offices in Dubai, Oman, India, Africa, Malaysia, and Spain under his dynamic and successful leadership.

His company currently exports to over 141 countries throughout the world. The government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh awarded Mr Chowdhury’s firm the Best Exporters Trophy for the last 14 years in appreciation of his remarkable contribution to exports.

Current mission:

His current goal is to become the first Bangladeshi multinational corporation with production units in many countries by 2020. His organization has successfully set up production facilities in India and Nepal as a stepping stone.

Mr. Chowdhury is a member of all Bangladeshi trade and commerce groups, associations, and clubs. He participates in a variety of socioeconomic initiatives to benefit the community.

Family Legacy:

Mr. Chowdhury’s father, Late Major General Amjad Khan Chowdhury (Retd. ), was a soldier turned businessman who founded the family company in 1980 with the help of his mother, SabihaAmjad, who worked tirelessly with him to develop the company.

His wife, Seema Chowdhury, is acting as a Director for her two daughters, Samia and Sameen, who are also aiming to join their father’s firm after finishing their education in Canada.

Regular life:

On a regular basis, he is fully involved in all facets of his firm, working hand in hand with his staff. He works long hours, starting very early in the morning and working till late at night. He is a successful and enthusiastic entrepreneur, as well as a workaholic and hands-on manager. He is a positive person with a good personality.

Ahsan khan Chowdhuryis a legendary entrepreneurwho is a foreverinspiration  to all generation of our country

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