Chief of Naval Staff (Bangladesh)




Zahir Uddin Ahmed

(Ex-Chief Of Naval Staff)


Vice Admiral Zahir Uddin Ahmed was the Chief of Naval Staff of the Bangladesh Navy. He was born in 1957 and took charge after Vice Admiral Sarwar Jahan Nizam. After him, Vice Admiral M Farid Habib became the Chief of Naval Staff.
Admiral Zahir was a successful navigator who commanded almost all kinds of ships and establishments during his long naval service. He was the first Commanding Officer of BN’s modern frigate BNS Bangabandhu. He also commanded BN frigates BNS Umar Farooq, BNS Abu Bakr. He served as the commander of a group of ships (COMBAN) and as the commander of Chittagong (COMCHIT). He was in charge of the ship fleet and Chittagong area respectively.He also had the job of Commandant, Bangladesh Marine Academy and Director General of the Bangladesh Coast Guard.

Life of “Zahir Uddin Ahmed” At a Glance

Known For:

Born: 1957

Age: 65

Birthplace: Kapasia upazila, Gazipur District

Nationality: Bangladeshi

Father: Late Shafiuddin Ahmed


Graduated from Britannia Royal Naval College

Graduated from Defense Services Command and Staff College, Dhaka. Graduated from US Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island

NDC from National Defense College, Mirpur.

Occupation: Ex-Chief of Navy

Years of service: 1979-2013

Spouse: Shabnam Ahmed


One Son

One Daughter

Commands Held:

◙ BNS Umar Farooq

◙ BNS Abu Bakr

◙ BNS Bangabandhu

◙ BNS Shaheed Moazzem

◙ BNS Titumir

◙ Director of Signals (NHQ)

◙ Director General, Bangladesh Coast Guard

◙ Commandant, Bangladesh Marine Academy

◙ Commodore Commanding BN Flotilla (COMBAN)

◙ Commodore Commanding Chittagong (COMCHIT)

◙ Chief of Naval Staff


Chief of Naval Staff (CNS)

Bangladesh Navy Medal

Bangladesh Coast Guard Medal


After completing his training, he graduated with distinction from the United Kingdom’s Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth and earned his commission. Throughout his career in the navy, he received training from different countries including the Netherlands, Pakistan, China, and the United States. Admiral Zahir completed his specialization in Navigation and Direction from Pakistan. He graduated from Defense Services Command and Staff College, Dhaka. Then he graduated from US Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island as the class valedictorian. The Admiral finished his NDC from National Defense College, Mirpur.

Personal Life

Admiral Zahir is married to Shabnam Ahmed. They have a son and a daughter together.


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