Chief of Naval Staff (Bangladesh)




Admiral Farid Habib

(Ex-Chief Of Naval Staff)


Admiral M Farid Habib is the first-ever four-star Admiral in the history of the Bangladesh Navy. Born in 1959, He achieved all aspects of the Navy and is now retired.

Born: 1959

Age: 63

Birthplace: Ichhapur, Kalihati Upazila, Tangail

Nationality: Bangladeshi

Father: Late Mohammad Ali


◉ Missile and Mine Sweeping Courses from China

◉ Navigation & Direction from Australia and Pakistan

◉ Command and Staff Courses from Bangladesh and Rhode Island, USA

◉ National Defence Course and Capstone Course from National Defence College from Bangladesh

◉ Joint Warfare Course and Sea Safety Course from UK

◉ Masters in Defence Studies (MDS) from National University from Bangladesh

◉ Flag Officers Combined Force Maritime Component Commanders Course from Hawaii, USA.

Occupation: Ex-Chief of Navy

Years of service: 1979 – 2016

Spouse: Begum Hafiza Habib


One Son

One Daughter

Commands Held:

◉ Chief of Naval Staff

◉ Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Operations)

◉ Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Personnel)

◉ Naval Administrative Authority Dhaka (Admin Dhaka)

◉ Commodore Commanding Khulna (COMKHUL)

◉ Commodore Commanding BN Flotilla (COMBAN)


◉ Silver Tiger

◉ Bangladesh Navy Medal

◉ Bangladesh Coast Guard Medal

Early Life and Education

Admiral Farid Habib was born in 1959 at village Ichhapur in Kalihati Upazila of Tangail, East Pakistan. He is the youngest son of Late Mohammad Ali, ex Deputy Secretary to the Government.

He joined Bangladesh Navy Academy in 1976 as an officer cadet and received basic naval training as Midshipman in Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, UK. After completing his training he was commissioned in the Executive Branch in Bangladesh Navy on 1 January 1979.

Vice Admiral Habib attended various professional courses both at home and abroad and obtained First Class in all the graded courses. The courses include Missile and Mine Sweeping Courses from China, Specialization on Navigation & Direction from Australia and Pakistan, Command and Staff Courses from Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Admiral Habib commanded a variety of different ships during his career in the Navy, including 3 frigates, Large Patrol Craft, Mine Sweepers, and Missile Boats. He was a specialist at navigating ships to different countries like the United Kingdom, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. He served as the Commandant at the Bangladesh Naval Academy. He also served as a Directing Staff and Colonel General Staff (Col GS) at Defense Services Command and Staff College, Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Admiral Habib was previously the Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Operations) at Naval Headquarters from 1 July 2009. He has also been a Commodore Commanding BN Flotilla, Commodore Commanding Khulna and Naval Administrative Authority, Dhaka. Besides, he served at Naval Headquarters in several important roles, including Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Personnel), Naval Secretary, Judge Advocate General and Director of Naval Operations. He also served as Director of Plans in Bangladesh Coast Guard. In addition to these assignments, he performed the duties of Commissioner, Bangladesh Sea Scouts, and Member, National Executive Committee of Bangladesh Scouts, a non-political social organization.

Not only did he act as chairman for the National Hydrographic Committee in 2013, but he was also promoted to Admiral on Adm.  17 January 2016 and given leave from his position Chief of Staff Bangladesh Navy 27th January, 2016.

Personal Life

Admiral Farid Habib is married to Begum Hafiza Habib and has one son and one daughter. He likes to spend his free time reading different magazines and newspapers. He also enjoys playing cricket, lawn tennis, and golf.


He was rewarded by the Chief of Naval Staff for his excellent performance and professionalism in the Navy. He also received two of the highest awards, namely the ‘Bangladesh Navy Medal’ and ‘Bangladesh Coast Guard Medal’, for his significant contribution to different areas of the Navy and Coast Guard. He was also given the Silver Tiger award by the President of Bangladesh.


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