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(Bangladeshi actor, director and producer)


(February 21, 1947- Present)

The name Sohel Rana has emerged as a lot more widely recognized in film and television. The acting skills of the highly talented actor Sohel Rana have captivated viewers. 

He is not only a successful actor but also a producer and director. Sohel Rana is also a politician. People still hold him in high regard because of all of his accomplishments and excellent work throughout his life.

With his talent to make characters come to life on TV, this multifaceted artist has won over audiences’ hearts worldwide. Despite not disclosing specific achievements, Sohel Rana has achieved much in his field of work. We will do our best to incorporate every little detail of his life into our article.

A Quick Look At The Life Of Sohel Rana

Known for: Masud Parvez, a Bangladeshi actor, director, and producer, was born in 1947 and goes by the stage name Sohel Rana. He currently holds a presidium position in the Jatiya Party. His performance in the 1996 film Ojante earned him the Best Actor award from the Bangladesh National Film Award. 


Born: February 21, 1947


Age: 76


Birthplace: Dhaka

Siblings: Rubel Rana 


Profession: Actor, director and producer


Nationality: Bangladeshi


Native Language: Bengali

Spouse: Zeenat Begum


Children: Mashroor Parvez

Early Life And Education

The story of Rana’s personal life is one of tenacity and grit. Having come from modest origins, he could channel his desire for achievement and use it as motivation to become something extraordinary.

We’re all familiar with Sohel Rana from his stage persona, even if his real name is Masud Parvez. He was born in 1947 in the city of Dhaka. Despite being born in Dhaka, Sohel called Barisal home. In order to respect his hometown, he remained close to his roots. Born and raised in Dhaka, he attended school there. Sohel received his law degree from Dhaka University.


Politics has always been something Sohel has deeply appreciated, even as a student. When he was a law student, he joined the Awami League for this reason. Sohel was the general secretary of the Ikbal Hall student league. As a student politician, Sohel led with great skill. He formally started a career in politics in 1961. Back then, Sohel Rana was the president of Mymensing Anondomohol College. In 1965, the Awami League’s Mymensing Division proposed Sohel Rana for general secretary. 

In 2012, he joined the Jatiya Party (Ershad) and assumed a presidium position. SM Ershad has appointed Sohel Rana to be an advisor. Sohel Rana even participated in the 1971 war against Pakistan.

While Rana never intended to act in movies, he agreed to participate in the movie. He performed in Masud Rana in 1973, taking on the role of the protagonist. He became a stage performer in 1974 and implemented the name Sohel Rana. That’s how the Dhallywood film industry has recognized him since—as Sohel Rana.

Rana made his big-screen debut in 1972 with the release of Ora Egaro Jon. His first film, Masud Rana (1974), was the product of Parvez Films, which he founded in 1983.

As the lead in Komal Sarkar and Dilip Biswas’ 1996 film Ojante, Sohel became famous. The actors in the cast included Shabana, Alamgir, Sohel Rana, and Sonia.

Most Welcome 2 (2012), Taka (2005), Top Rangbaaz 1981, Durattain (2006), Raj Rani (1976), Dost Dushmon (1976), Maa (1977), Gopon Kotha (1978), Jinjir (1979), Badhon Hara (1981), Pension (1984), and Innocent Love (2017) are among the other works he composed.

Personal Life

Sohel Rana’s commitment to his family is just as remarkable as his impressive career accomplishments. Notwithstanding his busy schedule, Rana always makes time for his family, whom he cherishes every moment he spends with. On August 16, 1990, Rana wed the medical officer Zeenat Begum. They are parents to a filmmaker named Mashroor Parvez.


Professionally, Sohel Rana has accomplished tremendously in a variety of ways. His dedication to the arts has earned him various honors and recognitions. 

In his professional career, Sohel Rana has received two national film awards. He won the Best Actor category of the Bangladesh National Film Award for his role in the 1996 film Ojante. Sohel also received a lifetime achievement award from the Bangladesh National Film Council in 2019, as well as a Best Supporting Actor medal for Sahoshi Manush Chai (2003).

Famous Work

Sohel Rana’s widely recognized films:

Ora Egaro Jon (1972)

Masud Rana (1974)

Epar Opar (1975)

Raj Rani(1976)

Dost Dushmon(1977)



Gopon Kotha(1978)

Aguner Alo (1978)


Sohel Rana as producer: 


Ora Egaro Jon (1972)

Masud Rana (1974)

Bojro Mushti (1989)

Oddrisho Shotru (2014)


Put simply, Sohel Rana’s ascent from humble beginnings to remarkable accomplishments is evidence of the power of perseverance and dedication. Aside from his career accomplishments, Sohel is also known for his charity work and other personal qualities. Because of his diverse nature and extraordinary accomplishments, Sohel Rana inspires others to follow their dreams with unwavering determination.



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