Bangladeshi Film Actor, Film Producer, and Television Presenter

(26 October 1972  – Present)

If a ‘90s kid is asked to name an actor who was and still is forever young, crush of many girls, dashing, charming, sporty, charismatic, academically brilliant etc., most people will utter one name. Hridoyer Kotha, Daruchini Dip, Molla Barir Bou – these 3 movie names are enough to understand the actor. He is none other than Riaz!   


Riaz Uddin Ahamed Siddique, or as popularly known as Riaz, was born on 26 October 1972 at Faridpur, Bangladesh in an aristocratic Muslim family. He is currently 51 years old. His father, late Zainuddin Ahamed Siddique, was a government service holder. Riaz has six sisters and one brother. He is the youngest of all. Riaz spent his childhood at CNB staff quarters of Faridpur. Later he moved out of the city for a future life. 


After completing his HSC examinations in 1988, he took an examination test to be a pilot in the Bangladesh Air Force (BAF). He moved to Jessore to be enrolled at the BAF Academy. From 1989 to 1991, he took training from Turkey. He also earned his Bachelor’s degree under Rajshahi University in Science after coming back to Bangladesh. 


He was then commissioned as a Pilot Officer. His career was actually this, and not acting. But with the course of time, he joined the media after he got dismissed from the BAF. He shifted to Dhaka in 1994, and by the inspiration of his cousin Bobita, he entered the film industry in 1995. Though he did not get much popularity in his very first film, in 1997, a romantic film called ‘Praner Cheye Priyo’ brought him fame. Since then, there was no looking back. In his career, he has acted in various films and almost all of his movies were a hit. In 2005, he acted in an Indian film,‘It Was Raining That Night’, beside Sushmita Sen. Furthermore, he has acted in some literary adaptation movies, documentary films, and web series. Besides acting, he also worked as a model for several advertisements. He also served as a TV program presenter for many award functions and different reality shows. Finally, he is the founder and CEO of Ashiyan Group in Dhaka and also, he runs a seafood production company called Yes Corporation Ltd. 


In marital life, he is married to Mushfika Tina, who is also a TV host, a model and a dancer. On December 18, 2007 the couple tied the knot together. They first met and worked together in the dance show called “Goalini Binodon Bichitra”. Eventually, love grew between them and finally they got married. 


Riaz is a 3 times winner of the “Bangladesh National Film Awards”. Besides these, he is 7 times winner of ‘Meril Prothom Alo Awards’. He has always been consistent with his performance. The awards prove his skills in the acting world. 

He is well respected and loved by audiences still now.    

Life of “Riaz” at a glance:

Real Name: Riaz Uddin Ahamed Siddique

Birth Date: 26 October 1972

Age: 51 

Birth Place: Faridpur District, Bangladesh

Father’s Name: Zainuddin Ahamed Siddique

Mother’s Name: Arjumand Ara Begum

Siblings: 7; – 6 sisters and 1 brother


➢ HSC in 1988

➢ Bachelor’s degree in Science,  Rajshahi University


➢ Film Actor

➢ Film Producer

➢ Television Presenter

➢ Model 

➢ Fighter pilot

➢ Businessman

➢ Talent hunt Judge

Years active: 1995 – Present

Married to: Mushfika Tina

Religion: Muslim

Nationality: Bangladeshi

Awards and Achievements:

➢ Best Actor, National Film Awards, in 2000, 2007, 2008

 ➢ Best Actor, Meril Prothom Alo Awards, in 1998, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

Early Life

On 26 October 1972, Riaz Uddin Ahamed Siddique, commonly called as Riaz, was born in the Faridpur District of Bangladesh. He belongs to an aristocratic Muslim family. Actually his paternal ancestors are from the Jessore District. But he was born in Faridpur because of his father, the late Zainuddin Ahamed Siddique. He was a government service holder and due to his posting from office, he was residing in Jessore with his family when Riaz was born. Riaz has six sisters and only one brother. Among them, Riaz is the youngest member of the family.  


Riaz’s childhood was spent at CNB staff quarters of Faridpur until his teenage years. He stayed there for the first 16 years of his life. He then moved out of the city and family with an ambition to continue his further studies as well as have a career in a prestigious role. 


In 1988, he completed his HSC examinations. After that, he took an examination test to be a pilot in the Bangladesh Air Force (BAF). He moved to Jessore to be enrolled at the BAF Academy. From 1989 to 1991, He went for training in Turkey on a scholarship for one and half years. As well as earned his Bachelor’s degree under Rajshahi University in Science after coming back to Bangladesh. He was then commissioned as a Pilot Officer. That is how his ‘career’ life started. 


Though Riaz’s career started off from a completely different dimension than acting, he eventually switched his career field. 

After he got his rank as the Pilot Officer, in 1991, he was officially known as a fighter pilot in Bangladesh Air Force. He was promoted to the Flying Officer rank.

But, after 2 years, in 1993,  due to a misunderstanding with the authority, he was later dismissed from the Air Force.  This turn of his life helped him to eventually come into the world of acting and film industry. 


After getting dismissed from the Air Force, in 1994, he came to Dhaka. After meeting and getting inspired by his cousin Babita, who was one of the leading actresses in the film industry at that time, Riaz decided to take acting as his profession in 1995. Since then, till now, he has been active in the acting field.   


At first, in 1995, he started off in a commercially successful film called ‘Banglar Nayok’. However, this did not bring Riaz any personal achievement or fame. 2 years later, in 1997, he acted in a romantic film called ‘Praner Cheye Priyo’. The movie was an extraordinary commercial success, and also this brought Riaz popularity. That was the beginning of his journey towards fame. He worked with many renowned filmmakers in Bangladesh, and in numerous films where he acted got commercial success.    


Not only with Bangladeshi film makers, but also with an Indian filmmaker, Riaz has worked and achieved fame. In 2005, in an English-Bengali bilingual film titled ‘It Was Raining That Night’ by Indian film director Mahesh Manjrekar, Riaz worked with Sushmita Sen, one of the famous Indian actresses and former Miss Universe. Our country’s pride Riaz has thus received fame internationally too. 


Some of the early notable filmography of Riaz are: Hridoyer Aina (1997), Kajer Meye, Prithibi Tomar Amar, Bhalobasi Tomake (1998), Biyer Phul, Narir Mon (1999), E Badhon Jabena Chire, Nishwase Tumi Biswase Tumi, Bhownkor Bishu (2000), Hridoyer Bandhon, O Priya Tumi Kothay (2001), Premer Taj Mahal (2002), Moner Majhe Tumi (2003), Wrong Number (2004), Molla Barir Bou (2005), Hridoyer Kotha (2006), Akash Chhoa Bhalobasa (2008), and etc.


 His recent works include: ‘Garden Game’ (2019), a web drama, ‘Operation Sunderbans’ (2022), a film based on RAB’s adventures in the Sundarbans.


Furthermore, he has acted in some literary adaptations movies, and in his career he has portrayed many consecutive roles to wide critical acclaim in films such as Dui Duari (2000), Shasti: Punishment, Megher Pore Megh: Clouds After Cloud and Shyamol Chhaya: The Green Shadow (2004), Hajar Bachhor Dhore: Symphony of Agony (2005), Bidrohi Padma and Khelaghar: Dollhouse (2006), Daruchini Dip and Ekjon Songe Chhilo (2007), Megher Koley Rod: Sunshine in the Clouds, Ki Jadu Korila and Chandra Grohon: The Lunar Eclipse (2008), Ebadat: The Worship (2009) and Modhumoti (2011). 

His spectacular acting in ‘Dui Duari’,  ‘Ki Jadu Korila’ and ‘Daruchini Dip’ had given him the honor of Bangladesh National Film Award. 


Riaz also acted in a documentary drama named ‘Ogni Bolaka’. The drama is based on the freedom fighter, Birshreshtha Flight Lieutenant Matiur Rahman’s life. 


Besides acting in different TV or web dramas and movies, he also worked as a model for several advertisements. His face was and still is on the billboards throughout the country. He is known as forever young, an evergreen model, who has as if never aged. His demand as a model is still high from advertisement makers and audiences. His one of the TV advertisements about a condensed milk brand gained massive popularity among the youngsters. ‘Tumi, Ami Ar Danish, Ha Amader Danish’ – the jingle was on the lips of every youth at that time. It is nostalgic for many now.      


He also served as a TV program presenter for many award functions and different reality shows. Still now he is seen doing this role like in Meril Prothom Alo Award programs. Moreover, he has done the work of a judge on reality shows or talent hunt programs. 


Riaz is also a film producer. He has a production house called ‘Pathika’. What many of us do not know is the fact that in 2006, Riaz produced his first ever movie titled ‘Hridoyer Kotha’. He himself acted as the main lead in the movie, besides Purnima, one of the top actresses of Bangladesh. The movie was a super hit, mainly for the song ‘Hridoyer Kotha’ and of course for the amazing acting by the 2 main actors. The movie touched the hearts of almost all Bangladeshi movie lovers due to the emotional scenes. Riaz’s brilliant performance stole everyone’s hearts. 


Apart from being a media person, Riaz is a businessman. He is the founder and CEO of Ashiyan Group in Dhaka and also, he runs a seafood production company called Yes Corporation Ltd. 


For 25+ years, Riaz has been actively working hard for our countrymen. It is not easy to manage so many things at the same thing and still hold the same popularity. The ‘hero’ of the country is loved by people of all age groups. However, one needs to have guts to be brave enough to come in the media world, especially in Bangladesh. Also, an actor is successful when he/she can constantly provide entertainment to the audience through every means. Riaz has done all these things despite not getting family’s support. 

Personal Life

As mentioned earlier, Riaz did not get his family’s support before joining the media. Riaz’s mother was against her son joining the film industry and she still does not like his profession. In an interview, Riaz himself confessed that because his mother is a religious person, she has been against him working in films from the day one and that stance hasn’t changed even till now. He admits that the sacrifices he has had to make in his family and personal life have been big. Therefore, we can see he cares about the love and respect given by the audience. That is why he is doing the jobs for them, for their entertainment. 


Still Riaz sometimes feels like Bangladeshi actors are stuck doing the same roles over and over again due to lack of ingenuity in our current films. He thinks the state of our cinema is stagnant.  


Riaz’s relatives are also some of the renowned media people. He is the cousin of  Shuchanda, Bobita, and Champa. These 3 are popular Bangladeshi film actresses in the previous generation. Riaz is also the uncle of Omar Sani, one of the known Bangladeshi film and television actors and the husband of Moushomi, one of the popular actresses still now. So it is inevitable that acting actually runs in the family and blood of Riaz. Hence, it is inevitable that he would be inspired to go in the media industry as well as do well in acting. 


Now coming to his personal marital life, Riaz is married to Mushfika Tina, who is also a TV host, a model and a dancer. On December 18, 2007 they tied the knot together. Riaz and Tina first worked together in the dance show called “Goalini Binodon Bichitra”. Subsequently they appeared as anchors on the musical talent hunt “Shah Cement Nirman Taroka”.  On screen, they are a Star Couple. Audience loves them as a couple. So everyone wants to know their love story. Riaz himself told the story in an interview. The first time Riaz saw Tina was at his friend’s office. In Riaz’s words, “There was this girl, really childish and carefree. And I noticed her in the crowd”. That time he did not know he and Tina would be working in that dance show. Later his friend told him about that fact. After that, the couple met many times and spent hours talking over the phone. Over the years they gradually discovered the special connection between them, they fell in love and finally got married. Still now, they share some good chemistry and bonding between them. They have some impulsive moments because of which their relationship is going strong and interesting. 


Riaz is a very humble, kind and down-to-earth person. Even after getting the name and fame, he behaves well with the people. However, somewhat in his mind or heart, he feels like “The sacrifices, the hurt, the blood, sweat and tears — at times I wonder whether it’s all worth it,”, as confessed by Riaz himself. 

Awards and Achievements:

For his unique, diverse and excellent performance in the film industry, Riaz has achieved numerous awards. This shows how much of a skilled actor he is. He has done so many jobs and his hard work also paid off. 


He is the 3 times winner of  “Bangladesh National Film Awards”. Under the category of  ‘Best Actor’, he got the award for the films ‘Dui Duari’ in 2000, ‘Daruchini Dip’ in 2007 and ‘Ki Jadu Korila’ in 2008. 


Besides these awards, he has also earned another popular and prestigious Bangladeshi award  ‘Meril Prothom Alo Awards’ for 7 times. Almost every year he was awarded with the title ‘Best Actor’. This shows his dedication for acting and consistency in acting skill or performance. He got the awards for the films ‘Praner Cheye Priyo’ in 1998, ‘Shoshur Bari Zindabad’ in 2001, ‘Premer Taj Mahal’ in 2002, ‘Moner Majhe Tumi’ in 2003, Hridoyer Kotha in 2006. Even in ‘critics’ category, he was awarded as the ‘Best Actor’ for the film ‘Shasti: Punishment’ in 2004

and ‘Hajar Bochor Dhore: Symphony of Agony’ in 2005. 


Alongside these official awards, he is well respected and loved by Bangladeshi people of almost all age groups. These ‘unofficial’ achievements also hold great significance in an actor’s life. 


One of the evergreen actors of Bangladesh, Riaz, will always remain in our hearts because of his looks and definitely for his acting skills. His popularity is still at peak even after the age of 50+.  His journey is an inspiration to the youths who think their life has ended if they have failed somewhere. Riaz has proved that success can be achieved from anywhere if you work hard and have the dedication and passion. 


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