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BIOGRAPHY OF Shafiul Islam Mohiuddin

Politician, member of parliament, former president of BGMEA and FBCCI

(24 April, 1955  – Present)

A well-known name in Bangladesh’s business community is Mr. Shafiul Islam Mohiuddin. His charismatic leadership and brilliant business acumen have significantly increased his influence in the public, political, and business spheres.

His tenure as president of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI) is well-documented. During a three-decade period, he managed the RMG industry in Bangladesh. He rose to become the president of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), which accounted for the bulk of the nation’s export revenues.

Life of "Shafiul Islam Mohiuddin" At a Glance

  • Known For: He is the Dhaka-10 district’s Member of Parliament and president of BGMEA and the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries.

    Born: April 24, 1955

    Age: 68

    Birthplace: Dhaka

    Nationality: Bangladeshi

    Religion: Islam

    Native Language: Bangla


    University of Dhaka accounting graduates with a B.Com. (Hon’s) and an M.Com.


    The president of FBCCI, the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

    Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association’s President

    Representative of the Dhaka 10 Constituency in the Parliament

    Vice President of Rugby Federation

    Director of Management at the Onus Group

    Senior Vice Chairman of the VUMI of Bangladesh Ltd

    The director of the Trustee Board at BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology (BUFT)

    Chairman of Mohammedan Sporting Club Limited

    The club’s director at BGMEA Apparel Club

    Spouse: Leesa Khalid Islam 

    Children: Three daughters and one son.

    Ramize Khalid Islam

    Puspho Islam Mohiuddin

    Tiana Khalid Islam

    Isabella Khalid Islam

    Simran Khalid Islam


Early Life and Education

The birth of Shafiul Islam Mohiuddin took place in Dhaka on April 24, 1955. He is a well-known business figure in Bangladesh. He received his bachelor’s degree in commerce with honors in accounting and completed his master’s degree in commerce at Dhaka University. 


As soon as he finished his studies, he started working in construction. Shafiul Islam founded Onus Apparels in 1992, and over the years, the company has solidly cemented its place as a key player in the apparel sector. Overcoming hardships and grit was the key to the foundation of the Onus Group of companies.

Since then, he has successfully launched Onus Group – the largest clothing company in the nation that specializes in exporting. Shafiul has successfully expanded his business into several different sectors, such as auto bricks, solar power, real estate, transportation, fishing, trawlers, and crafts.

Mohiuddin spent more than three decades working in the country’s RMG sector. The Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), the largest trade organization in the nation, has greatly benefited from Shafiul Islam’s contributions. He has held several posts within the organization, notably as president from 2011 to 2013. 

By fostering a productive and mutually beneficial ecosystems, he created strategies that promoted the business collective’s unity and collaboration. In addition, he made a significant contribution to the growth of trade and investments as President of the Federation of the Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI), the top authority in business.

Shafiul Islam is now serving as a representative for the Dhaka 10 Constituency. He serves as the BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology’s (BUFT) Director of the Trustee Board. In addition, he oversees the Rugby Federation and serves as vice president of the anti-drug initiative. 

Shafiul serves as Senior Vice Chairman of the recently founded Virtual Education Platform, the VUMI of Bangladesh Ltd. Additionally, he participates actively in several clubs, such as The Gulshan Club and The Army Golf Club.

Personal Life

In 1992, Mohiuddin married Leesa Khalid Islam, a London School of Economics first-class alumna. Their five children—four daughters and one son—are Ramize Khalid Islam, Puspho Islam Mohiuddin, Tiana Khalid Islam, Isabella Khalid Islam, and Simran Khalid Islam.


During COVID-19, he participated in the premier’s task force to launch the “Life & Livelihood Has to Go Together” initiative to begin the orderly rehabilitation of the nation’s financial system. 

He is involved in charitable work, providing financial assistance to underprivileged children, and is also socially connected with the Mohammedan Club. Not to mention, Shafiul has a workforce of over 6,000 workers at his company. He is actively generating more jobs for the people of the nation.


Shafiul Islam Mohiuddin has demonstrated great achievement in every sphere of business to put his life in perspective. He can undoubtedly serve as an example for the next generation of people who want to succeed in the garment industry. He was consistently a prominent FBCCI and BGMEA member throughout his career. The country’s economy has benefited greatly from Shafiul’s significant contribution to the RMG industry. Along with his business acumen, he possesses leadership traits that also make him a successful politician. His positive contributions to society are also greatly admired.

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