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Musa Ibrahim

(Mountaineer And Journalist)


Musa Ibrahim is a renowned Bangladeshi mountaineer, adventurer, journalist, and author. He achieved the distinction of being the first Bangladeshi to reach the summit of Mount Everest, which he did at 5:05 AM BST on May 23, 2010, hoisting the Bangladesh flag at the peak. With this feat, Bangladesh became the 67th country to conquer Mount Everest.
Musa serves as the General Secretary of the North Alpine Club Bangladesh and works as a special correspondent at Channel 24. He was previously the sub-editor of The Daily Star and has founded the Everest Academy and the Everest Foundation. The former aims to promote youth involvement in mountaineering and adventure activities, and the latter focused on humanitarian and environmental development efforts.

Known For: First Bangladeshi to reach the top of Mount Everest

Born: 1979

Age: 44

Birthplace: Lalmonirhat, Bangladesh

Nationality: Bangladeshi

Father: Ansar Ali

Mother: Bilkis Begum


Noor Ayesha

Shoeb Harun


BEd degree, University of Dhaka

MEd degree, University of Dhaka

Degree,  BRAC University




Spouse: Ummey Sharaban Tahura

Children: Wasi Ibrahim Raiid

Early Life

Musa was born in Bogra, in the home of his maternal grandparents. His paternal grandparents’ house, on the other hand, is located in the Gandhamarua (Basintari) village in Aditmari Upazila of Lalmonirhat. Musa Ibrahim is the second child of his parents. His father’s name is Ansar Ali. Ansar Ali was a veteran who participated in the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. He was in sector number 6 and mostly fought in the Greater Kurigram region with the identity 33/1. Currently, Ali has retired from his government job.

Musa’s mother’s name is Bilkis Begum and she is a housewife. He has an elder sister named Noor Ayesha who is a UN employee. And a younger brother named Shoeb Harun who is studying in Sydney, Australia.

He loved to explore and was always curious about the world around him. According to his parents and his own memories, he got lost many times and his parents had to find him. He would often wander around the house and try to go beyond what he knew to learn more about the world. His favorite TV show was Tarzan.


He was a student at Thakurgaon Sugar Mills High School from 1983 to 1994 and later passed his Higher Secondary Certificate from Notre Dame College. He got his BEd degree in science education and MEd degree in educational evaluation and research from the Institute of Education and Research at the University of Dhaka. He also earned another post graduation degree in disaster management from BRAC University.


Musa Ibrahim is the first Bangladeshi to climb Mount Everest. He reached the top on May 23, 2010 with the help of a team of climbers from different countries. He used the North Alpine route from Tibet to reach the peak. The China Tibet Mountaineering Association gave him a certificate for climbing.

Musa also planned to organize a mountaineering trip to Mount Elbrus with the help of the Russian government and the Bangladesh Tourism Board. He also joined forces with an Indian climber, Satyarup Siddhanta, to participate in a climbing expedition to improve the relationship between Bangladesh and India. The two climbers planned to climb Mount Denali in the first week of June 2014.

Personal Life

In January 2007, Musa married Ummey Sharaban Tahura, Assistant Judge. On October 28, 2008 they welcomed their only son, Wasi Ibrahim Raiid.

Mountaineering Timeline

● September 2000: Keokradong Hill (967 m/3,172 ft) Trekked to the top successfully.
● April 2004: Basic Mountaineering Training from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, (4,878 m/16,000 ft) Finished training successfully.
● 10-23 May 2004: Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trail (5,335 m/17,500 ft) Trekked successfully.
● May 2005: Mera Peak (6,654 m/21,825 ft) Ascent up to 18,500 ft.
● September 2005: Advanced Mountaineering Training from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling, India (5,335 m/17,500 ft) Finished training successfully.
● May 2006: Frey Peak (5,831 m/19125 ft) Summit.
● May 2007: Chulu West (6,419 m/21054 ft) Ascent up to 18,500 ft.
● 1 December 2008: Langshisha Ri (6,310 m/20,700 ft) Summit.
● 14 June 2009: Annapurna IV (7,525 m/24,682 ft) Summit.
● 23 May 2010: Everest (8,848 m/29,029 ft) Summit[28][unreliable source?] Musa Ibrahim reached “the summit of Mount Everest through North Route, Tibet, China on 23 May 2010.”
● 13 September 2011: Mount Kilimanjaro (5,885 meters/19,308 feet) Summit. Musa reached the summit on 13 September 2011, with his team member Niaz Morshed Patwary.
● 26 June 2013: Mount Elbrus (5,642 meters /18,506 feet) Summit. Musa Ibrahim reached the summit on 26 June 2013 with Niaz Patwary and Sifat Fahmida Nawshin and Dalhat Olmejhev, a resident of Kabardino-Balkaria Republic in Russia, guided them.
● 23 June 2014: Denali or Mount McKinley (6,190 meters / 20,310 feet) Summit. Musa Ibrahim reached the summit on 23 June 2014 with Christopher Manning (Canada) as team leader while Satyarup Siddhanta (India), Susmita Maskey (Nepal) and Ryan Francois (USA) as team members.
● 13 June 2017: Mount Carstensz Pyramid or Puncak Jaya (4884 meters/16023 feet) Summit. Musa Ibrahim reached the summit on 13 June 2017 with his team members Satyarup Siddhanta and Nandita Chandrashekhar.


A list of people who climbed Mount Everest made by the Nepal Ministry of Tourism and the Nepal Mountaineering Association did not have the name of Ibrahim on it. The list said that the first Bangladeshi man and woman to climb the mountain were MA Muhith and Nishat Majumder. However, they doubted Ibrahim’s claim. Ibrahim said that there was a plan against him and the NMA was affected by it. The case went to a court in Dhaka. O’Mahoney, who was with Ibrahim when he climbed Everest, said that he saw Ibrahim reach the third step, which is close to the top. In May 2010, it was proven and confirmed that Ibrahim was the first Bangladeshi to reach the top of Mount Everest.


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