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(Founder and principal architect of Volumezero Limited)


Mohammad Foyez Ullah is a highly respected Bangladeshi architect known for his innovative designs and commitment to sustainable building practices. He has been instrumental in shaping the architectural landscape of Bangladesh and his works have been recognized both nationally and internationally. With a career spanning several decades, Foyez has built a reputation as one of the most talented and dedicated architects in the country. His work represents the blend of traditional and modern design elements, resulting in buildings that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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Born: 1 January 1967

Age: 56

Birthplace: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Nationality: Bangladeshi


Bachelor of Architecture, BUET

Masters of Architecture, BUET



Father: AKM Woliullah

Mother: Sultana Begum

Wife: Morsheda Nasmeen Luna

Notable Projects:

● Shahjalal Islami Bank Corp. Headquarter

● Akij House

● Akij Uttaradhikar

● Arhams Tower

● Bashundhara City

● Grameenphone Corporate Headquarter (GP House)

● International Convention ● Center Bashundhara

● Monotara

● Mika Cornerstone

● Simpletree Anarkali

● Simpletree Hashi

● Simpletree Lighthouse

● Sheraton Dhaka

● Tower 117

● The Altair


● IAB Design Award

● Multiple NBR Awards

● Citation Award

● Global Brand Excellence Award

● Berger Excellence in Architecture Award

● Ahsanur Rahman Gold Medal

● Top 50 Designers of the World by McGraw Hill

● Honourable Mention for Designing Liberation War Museum

● ICE-Today Aqua Paints Interior Design Awards

● Holcim Green Built Award

Early Life

Mohammad Foyez Ullah is a prominent Bangladeshi architect who was born on January 1st, 1967 in the capital city of Dhaka. He comes from a family of accomplished individuals, with his father AKM Woliullah being a government service holder and successful entrepreneur, and his mother Sultana Begum being a dedicated homemaker. Growing up in this environment, Foyez was exposed to a diverse range of ideas and perspectives, which would later go on to influence his work as an architect. With a career spanning several decades, Foyez has built a reputation as one of the most talented and dedicated architects in Bangladesh, known for his innovative designs and commitment to sustainable building practices.


Mohammad Foyez Ullah, a renowned Bangladeshi architect, received his formal education in the field of architecture from the highly reputable Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. He obtained his Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1993 and later went on to earn his Masters of Architecture degree in 1997 from the same university. This solid educational foundation has undoubtedly played a crucial role in shaping his professional career and in his ability to design and execute innovative and sustainable architectural projects.


After completing his education at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Mohammad Foyez Ullah returned to the same institute in 1994 to teach until 1998. He also served as an educator at some universities. These institutes are BRAC University, North South University, Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, and University of Asia Pacific.

Foyez co-founded Vistaara Architects in 1994, and after more than a decade of partnership with Vistaara, he founded Volumezero Limited in 2008. Some of his notable early designed projects include Bashundhara City, which was the largest mall in South Asia. It was a mixed-use retail development and received the Superbrand status in 2009. He also designed UTC, The Westin Dhaka, PICL Bhaban and Shanta Western Tower, Grameenphone Corporate Headquarters, (GP House) among others.

Foyez is also known for his work in designing green buildings. The U.S. Green Building Council has accredited LEED Gold certification to various projects designed and built by his practice, such as Simpletree Anarkali, Shahjalal Islami Bank Corp. Headquarters, and Simpletree Lighthouse. He is also an editorial committee member of the Fire Safety and Protection section of Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) and an advisor of the monthly showcase, which is art and architecture magazines of Bangladesh.

Personal Life

After completing his studies and graduating in 1993, Mohammad Foyez Ullah tied the knot with his long-time fiance, Morsheda Nasmeen Luna. At the time of their marriage, Nasmeen was employed with BRAC, a development organization in Bangladesh, until 1995. Following her tenure at BRAC, Nasmeen decided to join her husband in his professional pursuits and co-founded the same enterprises as Foyez.

Presently, Morsheda Nasmeen is responsible for overseeing the communication and branding efforts of the real estate division within the group. In addition to her role in the family business, she is also the founder-director of Puro Foods Ltd. Morsheda is deeply committed to making a positive impact in her community and is currently a member of the BASE Foundation, a social organization. As a couple, they have built a strong partnership both in their personal and professional lives and have been blessed with two children.

Personally Mohammad Foyez Ullah is a subtle person. His skills include Architectural Design, Interior Design, Construction Management, Landscape Architecture, Housing Design, Urban Design etc. He is an associate member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), a member of the Architecture Alumni Association (ARCAAB), a forever member of the BUET Alumni Association (BUETAA), a member of Bangladesh National Building Code 2012 (BNBC), member of Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) (Member), and organizational member of US Green Building Council (USGBC).

Notable Projects

● Bashundhara Sports Complex
● Simpletree Lighthouse
● Mika Cornerstone
● Akij House
● Sheraton Dhaka
● Shahjalal Islami Bank Corp. Headquarters
● Simpletree Anarkali
● ICCB Bashundhara




● Bangladesh Television National TV Debate Champion, represented Suhrawardy Hall Debate Team, BUET (1990).
● Ahsanur Rahman Gold Medal for the Masters of Architecture, from BUET (1997).
● IAB Design Award for design excellence in Multi-Family Housing (1998).
● Citation Award-winning entry, organized by IAB and PICL Authority in (1998).
● Top 50 Designers of the World by McGraw Hill, N.Y. in (1999)
● Winner of design competition for the head office building of Peoples Insurance (1999)
● Global Brand Excellence Award (2007).
● Berger Excellence in Architecture Award for designing Peoples Insurance Bhaban (2007).
● Honorable Mention for Designing Liberation War Museum, Dhaka, November (2009).
● Holcim Green Built Award for designing Grameenphone Corporate Headquarter (GPHouse) (2010).
● Four National Board of Revenue (NBR) Awards for being listed as the highest tax-paying architect in Bangladesh (2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021).



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