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Biography of Mohammad Javed Patwary
(Former IGP of Bangladesh Police)
(15 April, 1961 – Present)

Bangladesh’s former IGP, Mohammad Javed Patwary, is a highly regarded law enforcement officer. He was the 27th Inspector General of Bangladesh Police (IGP). His journey as an IGP and his police career ended on 15 April 2020. His service years are from 1986 – 2018. Before being promoted to IGP, he was the additional Inspector General and Chief of the Special Branch. He showed a consistent dedication to the norm of law throughout his career. When he was the head of the Bangladesh Police, he emphasized ensuring the country’s citizens were safe and secure. The Bangladeshi police force is distinct today because of his leadership and dedication. Aside from that, he contributed both to national and international peace missions. From his childhood, he was a very meritorious and attentive student and for this, he was famous at his birthplace Chandpur. Following this, he was preserving public safety. selected as IGP the people of Chandpur had no bound of joy and pride. They believe Javed Patwary will play a vital part. Mohammad Javed Patwary, in his whole career, was honest, intelligent, and dexterous. Every service holder and future IGP should go along with this legendary icon’s footsteps.

Life of "Mohammad Javed Patwary" At a Glance

  • Real Name: Mohammad Javed Patwary

    Date of Birth: 15 April, 1961

    Father Name: Abdul Halim Patwary


    Assistant Superintendent of Bangladesh Police in 1986

    Additional Inspector General for CID

    Deputy Inspector General of CID

    Police Commissioner of Rajshahi Metropolitan Police

    Police Commissioner of Khulna Metropolitan Police 

    Guest lecturer of Dhaka University and Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University 

    Additional Inspector General of police headquarters

    Director of Police Staff College

    Station Police Superintendent of Dhaka City Special Branch 

    Additional Deputy Commissioner of DMP

    Staff Officer of IGP

    Additional Superintendent of Sylhet 

    Police Liaison Officer of the President

    ASP of Netrokona

    Chief Executive of CID from 19 February 2008 – 16 March 2009 

    Acting Deputy Police Commissioner of Peace Keeping Mission in Sudan

    Head of Administration of Missing Person Unit in Kosovo (Peace Keeping Mission) 

    Head of the Operation of UN Protection Force in Sierra Leone 

    Station Commander in Croatia (Peace Keeping Mission) 

    President of Kabaddi Federation, Bangladesh 

    Inspector General of Police (IGP) of Bangladesh Police from 31 January 2018 – 15 April 2020 

    Ambassador of Bangladesh to The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 22 August 2022 – Present

    Place of Birth: Mandary Village, Sadar Upazilla, Chandpur district, Bangladesh


    Primary school in Karachi, Pakistan

    Matriculation from Baburhat High School, Chandpur

    Intermediate from Chandpur Government College

    Honors and Master’s from the Department of Social Welfare of Dhaka University 

    PhD degree from the Department of Local Administration of Jahangirnagar University 

    Higher professional training from Police Staff College, Bramshill in the UK and FBI National Academy, Virginia in the USA

    US – South Asia Leader Engagement Program from Harvard University in the USA

    Religion: Islam

    Native Language: Bangla

    Married to: Habiba Hossain

    Children: Two sons and a daughter

    Awards and achievement: 

    Stood 1st in the 6th Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) examination in Police Cadre in 1984 

    Bangladesh Police Medal (BPM) in 2010 & 2011 

    IGP’s Exemplary Good Service Batch (Twice) 

    Postgraduate Certificate in ” Criminal Justice and Police Management” from the University of Leicester in the UK 

    Certificate of achievement in “Criminal Justice Education” from the University of Virginia in the USA 


Early Life

Javed Patwari, BPM (Bar) hails from a reputable Muslim family from the village of Mandari in the Sadar upazila in the district of Chandpur on 15 April 1961. Before Independence, his father Abdul Halim Patwary had served in the Air Force. His father was a pro-independence man. He was a follower of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. They are four brothers and one sister. His elder brother and younger brother were dead. He was very obedient to his studies in his childhood. 


This legendary IGP finished his primary school in Karachi, Pakistan. He passed his SSC examination from Baburhat High School, Chandpur, and Intermediate from Chandpur Government College respectively. Then he was admitted to Dhaka University in the Department of Social Welfare and did his Honors and Master’s. From Jahangirnagar University, he did his Ph.D. on the topic of ” Combating Terrorism in Bangladesh: Challenges and Prospects”. In 1984, he sat for the BCS examination and earned the first position in the Police Cadre. He joined as an Assistant Superintendent of Police in 1986. He completed his postgraduate from the University of Leicester in the UK. He got his professional training from the Police Staff College in Bramshill, United Kingdom, and the FBI National Academy in Virginia, United States. In addition, he is a graduate of the prestigious “US-South Asia Leader Engagement Program” at Harvard University in the United States.


Javed Patwari has earned a reputation as a skilled and reliable police officer. This cop has worked hard to maintain a low profile and gentle demeanor. In 1984, Javed aced the police academy entrance exam which is the BCS examination, and became the top recruit in the police cadre. Patwary has been serving as the police department’s inspector general since he was appointed on January 25, 2018. The last Special Branch chief, Javed, was promoted to secretary in 2013. From 1996 until 1999, he supervised the Criminal Investigation Division as the division’s special superintendent of police. He was significant in gathering data for the book “Karagarer Rojnamcha,” which details Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s imprisonment. After acquiring responsibility for SB, Javed took measures to archive the thousands of secret reports on Bangabandhu that had been accumulated between 1948 and 1971 in the special branch’s archive. Dr. Javed Patwari has had a 32-year successful career in law enforcement, during which he has served with honor and distinction in a variety of police units. He holds the positions of DIG CID, IG (Grade 1) Special Branch, IG (Grade 1) CID, IG (Grade 1) Police Headquarters, IG (Grade 1) Police Commissioner of Rajshahi, IG (Grade 1) Police Commissioner of Khulna. Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) for the Netrokona District, Commandant of the Police Training Center (PTC) in Noakhali, Commandant of the PTC in Rangpur, Director of the Police Staff College, SS City SB-Dhaka, ADC DMP, Staff Officer to the IGP, Additional SP in Sylhet, Presidential Liaison Officer. Javed Patwari did outstanding work for the United Nations in Kosovo, Sierra Leone, and Croatia. His education in law enforcement extended to the Ministry of Public Administration. In addition, he teaches Victimology and Restorative Justice as a guest professor at the Social Welfare and Research Institute of Dhaka University and Criminology and Police Science at the Tangail Mawlana Bhashani University of Science and Technology. Former IGP, Javed Patwari is now serving as ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

Contributions, Awards and Achievements

First and foremost thing was that he stood out in the 6th BCS examination and secured the first position and overall result he stood 6th in his time. He was awarded the BPM and the IGP medals twice for his outstanding performance in the police service. For his efforts in combating terrorism, he was awarded the BPM medal. The University of Virginia in the United States awarded him a Certificate of Achievement in Criminal Justice Education, while the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom awarded him a Postgraduate Certificate in “Criminal Justice and Police Management.” Javed Patwari has a significant contribution to collecting information for the book “Karagarer Rojnamcha”. This book is related to the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s prison life. 

Personal Life

Javed Patwari is a family man, being the proud parent of three kids. One girl and two boys round up their family.

Philanthropy and Volunteer Work

In his professional life, Javed Patwari dedicated himself to helping others and securing the country’s safety. He’s accomplished a lot in his life so far. Because of this, he is held in high esteem across the country as an efficient IGP. His expertise was praised in 2016’s response to terrorist events (Holy Artisan attack) and in the 11th National Assembly elections. In the 2018 elections for the National Assembly, he helped ensure that the day for voting and its aftermath went smoothly. Even Canadian and Dutch observers were also expressing their satisfaction with the calm atmosphere at election sites. Javed Patwari was also a part of a UN peacekeeping mission. served as the acting assistant commissioner of police in Sudan, the head of administration for Kosovo’s missing persons unit, the head of operations for the United Nations Security Force in Sierra Leone, and the commander of the Croatian station. Peacekeeper Patwary was honored with the United Nations Medal for his service in four different UN missions: Croatia, Sierra Leone, Kosovo, and Sudan.


He has spent his entire 35-year career providing the police department with his best efforts. In his brief 26 months in office, he worked to make the police more responsive to the community. The challenge of his position as IGP was to improve the public’s perception of the police. He knew from the start that this would require an increase in openness surrounding hiring, promotions, and transfers. In the end, he achieved a great deal of success because people are beginning to trust that hiring, promotion, and placement decisions are made openly and fairly according to merit. People can now feel safe and secure at their local police stations thanks to his leadership. Patwari has set a high benchmark for the upcoming IGP. Future IGPs should follow his journey as an inspiration for the best of the country. Javed was simple, kind, and thoughtful in his duties. He was a man with no controversies. This will be remembered as an example of how important it is to have a peaceful transition of power in the future. 

His strong legacy will keep him remembered always.


In conclusion, Javed’s life, commitment, and loyalty to the country are exceptional. He is a true inspiration for the next leaders and the young generation of the country. After analyzing Javed Patwari’s life and work, from his early days to his most recent accomplishments, we see a magnificent personality whose impact extends well beyond the bounds of time. Early life was a school of hard knocks, where every failure was turned into a stepping stone and every difficulty into a lesson in perseverance. These testing circumstances were the fire that formed Mohammad Javed Patwari’s commitment to make a difference and improve his skills. Patwari’s accomplishments are a reflection of his innovative mindset and exceptional skills. Instead of simply leading teams, he generated an environment where everyone felt encouraged to give their all. Mohammad Javed Patwari’s life story has left us with tremendous respect for the potential of an individual to affect change. His life’s path is an inspiration to take on difficult tasks, encourage creative thinking, and lead with honesty and a moral compass. An examination of Patwari’s life and work reveals that history is shaped not just by the passage of time, but also by the imprints of passion, perseverance, and purpose left on the canvas of humanity.

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