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(22 February 1943 – 4 September 2022)
Music director, Lyricist, Screenwriter, film producer


Gazi Mazharul Anwar is one name that is written in golden words. His contribution to Dhallywood is countless. This iconic personality directed 41 movies and composed 20,000+ songs on different mediums including radio, television and cinema for the past 60 years. And 3 of his songs are listed in the BBC Best 20 Bangla Songs of All time.

His written popular songs are – ‘Joy Bangla, Banglar Joy’, ‘Akasher Haate Ache Ek Rash Nil’, ‘Achen Amar Moktar’, ‘Ektara Tui Desh Kotha Bol Re Ebar Bol’, ‘Ganer Khatay Swaralipi Likhe’, ‘Shudhu Gaan Geye Porichoy’, ‘Ei Mon Tomake Dilam’, ‘Chokher Nozor Emni Koira’ etc. These songs are not just words, they are the legendary tunes that will never fade.



Music Director



Film Producer


Born: 22 February 1943

Birthplace: Taeshwar Village, Comilla District

Education: B. Com

Father: Mozammel Hossain

Mother: Khodeja Begum


Imrul Anwar Liton

Hasina Akther

Nargis Akther

Bilkis Nazin

Nasrin Akther

Spouse: Zohra Gazi


Ditthi Anwar (daughter)

Sarfaraz Anwar Upol (son)


Shahana Mirza (daughter-in-law)


Bangladesh National Film Award

Ekushey Padak

Independence Award

President’s Gold Medal

Zia Gold Medal

Desh Netri Sansrkitik Padak

Dev Bhattacharya and SM Sultan Memorial Award

Comilla-Chandpur Brahmanbaria Award

SI DAB Award

Dhaka Performing Arts Award

Nattyashaba Award

Purbani Cholochitro Pathak Award

Chitrali Pathak Award

Comilla Foundation Award

Jahir Raihan Cholochitro Award

Sequence Award

Dhaka Bishwabidyalaya Shikkhai Alo Award

Raza Hossain Khan Smriti Award

Bangladesh Socio Cultural Center Award

Film Audience Award


Olpo Kothar Golpo Gaan

Died: 4 September 2022

Aged: 79

Early Life

Gazi Mazharul Anwar was born on 22 February 1943 in Taleshwar Gram, Comilla Zilla. He studied in Comilla Zilla School. At an early age, he got involved in cultural activities.

He developed a writing passion for the wall magazine in his school. The headmaster of the school assigned him the responsibility of the magazine itself. That was the beginning and he was very good at writing. Gradually, Gazi Mazharul Anwar found that he had started enjoying writing poems and songs.

After that, he went to Comilla Victoria College. After his Higher Secondary School completion, he made his admission to Dhaka Medical College upon his father’s wish. But after studying 3 years in Dhaka Medical, he dropped out and got admission to Jagannath College (now Jagannath University). There he completed his B. Com.

His father Mozammel Hossain was a lawyer and owned a pharmaceutical company (Bengal Drugs & Chemical Works LTD). So, he wanted his son Gazi Mazharul Anwar to be a doctor and join the family business.

At the time studying in Dhaka Medical, Mr. Gazi wrote a song for Dhaka Medical College drama for the students. He wrote the song ‘Bujhechi Moner Bone Rong Legeche’ which was sung by Farida Yasmin.


After singing in College drama, Farida Yasmin came to Gazi Mazharul Anwar by herself and expressed her gratitude for the song and desire to sing it on the radio. But his name could not be announced at that time. Yet he was happy as his written song would echo all over the radio and reach out to people. This was enough to encourage him to write more.

His curiosity took him to radio stations. One day singer Ferdousi Begum spotted him and after knowing he was a writer, asked him for a song. He wrote a song at the very moment which amazed Ferdousi Begum and she was so impressed with the lyrics that she immediately called Khandakar Nurul Alam and insisted that she would perform it on the radio. After that Gazi Mazharul Anwar became a renowned lyricist for television and radio songs.

It was at that time when one-day Sattya Shaha invited him to a studio. He was asked to write a song for the movie ‘Ayana O Obosishto’. This song  was ‘Akasher Haate Achhe Ek Rash Nil’. The song gave Gazi Mazharul the recognition he needed and he stepped into the film industry with this.

After that, he wrote numerous songs for many movies. Every producer and director wanted to work with him for his uniqueness in every song and his capability to write beautiful songs in no time.

One day while chatting with Sattya Shaha, Dilip Bishwas, and Azizur Rahman, they got an idea to go for film production. His first produced movie was ‘Shamadhan’. That was the moment which gave Gazi Mazharul Anwar the recognition of a great film producer. He directed nearly 41 movies and composed 20,000+ songs, and produced many movies.

His last movie was ‘Hridoy Bhanga Dheu’ with Alamgir, Afiea Nusrat Barsha, Ananta Jalil, Ilias Kanchan etc. His last song ‘Shob Shagorer Dhew Shoman Taale Jai Na’ is yet to be sung.

Personal Life

In person, Gazi Mazharul Anwar was a soft kinded person. He immensely  loved Bangladesh and Bangladeshi people. He never misbehaved or mistreated any person who came in contact with him. People loved his calm nature and soft speak. He was a big fan of cricket and always enjoyed every match with his son and family members.

Mozammel Hossain, father of Gazi Mazharul Anwar, was a lawyer. He owns Bengal Drugs & Chemical Works LTD, a pharmaceuticals company and belonged to a zamindar family. His mother Khodeja Begum was a homemaker and a successful mother. She too belonged to a zamindar family.

He has 1 brother and 4 sisters. His brother, Imrul Anwar Liton is the managing director of Lyric Group Ltd. And his sisters Hasina Akther, Nargis Akther, Bilkis Nazin, Nasrin Akther are respected homemakers.

In 1972, Gazi Mazharul Anwar married Zohra Gazi and together they have a son and a daughter. His wife Zohra Gazi, was a popular news presenter and television host. She was also a very popular athlete and held a record in the jump. She is an ideal homemaker, and a successful mother.

As Gazi Mazharul Anwar was very busy with his work, his wife became his shadow and entirely devoted herself to raising the kids and taking care of the family. She gave up her successful career and became more successful in real life.

Son Sharfaraz Anwar Upol completed graduation from North South University and post graduation from Independent University Bangladesh(IUB). He is now a successful industrialist and owns Lyric Group Ltd, a garments company where Gazi Mazharul Anwar is the chairman and his uncle Imrul Anwar Liton is the managing director.

Sarfaraz Upol is also successful in other industries. He also owns Healthcare Solutions Ltd, a healthcare industry that imports healthcare products. He also brought Crimson Cup, a branded coffee industry chain to Bangladesh and is counting the success from it.

Ditthi Anwar, daughter of Gazi Mazharul Anwar is a great singer and a successful personality. Ditthi Anwar is married and lives in America. But whenever she visits Bangladesh, she always contributes to singing on television programs, movies and albums.

Some Of His Songs

  • Joy Bangla Banglar Joy
  • Ek Nodi Rokto Periye
  • Swajan Harano Diner Smarane
  • Ektara Tui Desher Kotha
  • Bondhu Tor Barat Niya
  • Chokher Nozor Emni Koira
  • Ekbar Jete Dena
  • Amay Jodi Prosno Koro Kolokakolir Desh
  • Jodi Amake Dekhte Sadh Hoy
  • Ei Prithibir Pore
  • Prosno Koro Na
  • Koto Sadhonay Emon Bhagyo Mele
  • Jibon Amar Dhonyo Holo
  • Hayre Hay Miss Lanka
  • Ganeri Khatay Swarolipi Likhe
  • Bazare Jachai Kore Dekhinito Daam
  • Amar Buker Modhyekhane
  • O Amar Roshiya Bondhure
  • Ogo Chand Ora Bole
  • Tandrahara Noyono Amar
  • Sagorer Teer Theke
  • Phuler Kane Bhromor Ese
  • Osru Diye Lekha E Gaan
  • Jokhon Thambe Kolahol
  • Karo Apon Hoite Parli Na Ontor
  • Ei Mon Tomake Dilam
  • Ei Duniya Ekhon To Aar
  • Ami Rajangandha Phuler Moto
  • Beder Meye Jyotsna
  • Sobai To Bhalobasa Chay
  • E Akashke Sakkhi Rekhe
  • Chhotto Ekta Jibon Niye
  • Kichu Kichu Manusher Jibone
  • Akashe Chand Utheche
  • Onek Sadhonar Pore Ami
  • Tin Konya
  • Aguner Din Sesh Hobe
  • Tumi Amar Jibon
  • Akashta Barachchhe Megh
  • Tui Chul Kore De Elomelo

Some Of His Directed Movies

  • Shasti (1984)
  • Chor (1985)
  • Bichar Poti (1986)
  • Sandhi (1987)
  • Shakkhor (1988)
  • Sharto (1989)
  • Swadhin (1990)
  • Sroddha (1992)
  • Samor (1992)
  • Khudha (1994)
  • Sneha (1995)
  • Topashsha (1996)
  • Amma (1998)
  • Poradhin (1998)
  • Ragi (1999)
  • Artonad (2002)
  • Jiboner Golpo (2006)
  • Ei Je Duniya (2007)
  • Pashaner Prem (2008)

Some Of His Produced Films

  • Samadhan
  • Agnishikha
  • Somadhi
  • Anurodh
  • Zinzir
  • Anar Koli
  • Nantu Ghatak (1982)
  • Shasti
  • Chor
  • Bicharpoti
  • Sandhi
  • Swadhin
  • Sraddha
  • Khudha
  • Ulka
  • Tapasha
  • Amma
  • Poradhin
  • Ragi
  • Artonad
  • Jiboner Golpo
  • Ei Je Duniya
  • Pashaner Prem


  • President’s Gold Medal for his contribution to the liberation war, by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (1972)
  • Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Lyrics (1992, 1996, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2016)
  • Dev Bhattacharya and SM Sultan Memorial Award (1994).
  • Comilla-Chandpur Brahmanbaria Award (1995).
  • Ekushey Padak (2002)
  • Zia Gold Medal (2002)
  • Desh Netri Sansrkitik Padak.
  • SI DAB Award
  • Dhaka Performing Arts Award
  • Nattyashabha Award
  • Purbani Chalachitra Pathak Award
  • Chitrali Pathak Award
  • Comilla Foundation Award
  • Jahir Raihan Chalachitra Award
  • Sequence Award
  • Dhaka Bishwabiddalaya Shikkhai Alo Award
  • Raza Hossain Khan Smriti Award
  • Bangladesh Socio Cultural Center Award, and the Film Audience Award.
  • SM Sultan Smriti Pada
  • Bachsas (Bangladesh Cholochitro Sangbadik Samity) Award
  • Independence Award (2021)


Anwar received several lifetime achievement awards including Cine Film Journalist Association Lifetime Achievement Award and CJFB Lifetime Achievement Award. 3 songs of Gazi Mazharul Anwar are listed in the BBC Best 20 Bangla Songs of All time. These songs are – ‘Joy Bangla Banglar Joy’, ‘Ek bar Jete Dena’, ‘Ektara Tui Desher Kotha’.


Gazi Mazharul Anwar launched his book ‘Olpo Kothar Golpo Gaan’ on February 22, 2021. The book contains his 250 songs and 50 story behind those songs. The initial was taken by his children and the result is fruitful. His book is available at and


On 4 September 2022 early morning, Gazi Mazharul Anwar slipped and was about to fall. At the very moment his wife, Zohra Gazi caught him and his family members immediately took him to hospital. There he breathed his last. He was suffering from acidity for the past few days and had been tested multiple times. He was 79 at that time. He is buried in his mothers grave.


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