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Grandmaster, Chess Player

          (Born September 30, 1981)          

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Enamul Hussain was a chess prodigy who learned the game from his father, became the national champion of Bangladesh in his teens, and went on to achieve the prestigious Grandmaster title.

Life of "Enamul Hussain" At a Glance

  • Real Name: Enamul Hussain Rajib

    Date of Birth: September 30, 1981

    Place of Birth: Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Sports: Chess

    Religion: Islam

    Native Language: Bengali

    Spouse:  Muntaha Rumman Arthi

    Children: Radvin Hossain Rishan


  • International Master title in 2002

  • Grandmaster title in 2008


Early Life and Education

He learned the game from his father as a child and showed immense talent from a very young age. Although he is originally from Bandaria, Pirojpur, he grew up in Dhaka. Hossain became the national champion of Bangladesh in 1997 when he was just 16 years old, defeating more experienced players. He was known for his extremely aggressive and tactical style of play. According to Hossain, he focused on sharp attacking chess even in inferior positions, often tricking his opponents with creative ideas. He attributes this style, along with his deep study of a limited number of books, to his success as a player.


Enamul Hossain was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 1981. He began playing chess at an early age, thanks to his father. He participated in his first chess competition in 1993, which started his passion for the game. Hossain only had two chess books since they were difficult to get in Bangladesh at the time. He thoroughly examined the books by reading them many times. This aided in his tactical improvement. Micha Krasenkow coached Hossain in 1995, which was the only official guidance he had gotten. That same year, at the age of 15, he represented Bangladesh in the Chess Olympiad.

At the age of 16, Hossain won the Bangladesh Chess Championship, beating more experienced players. In 2002, he was awarded the renowned International Master title, and in 2008, he was awarded the highest Grandmaster title. Hossain qualified for the Chess World Cup in 2007, when he overcame a considerably better-ranked opponent to advance to the second round, becoming the first Bangladeshi to do so. In April 2009, he had a chess rating of 2531. Throughout his career, Hossain has won various competitions, including one in which he defeated 17 Grandmasters in India in 2012. In 1997, 2006, 2016, 2017, and 2019, he won the Bangladesh Chess Championship 6th times.

Personal Life

Enamul Hossain Rajib married Muntaha Rumman Arthi. She graduated with a master’s degree in geological sciences from Jahangirnagar University. She worked for a year at UNDP and is now employed by a private organization in the field of geology. The couple are proud parents of one son, Radvin Hossain Rishan. Hossain is currently a chess coach who works with young players. Despite having few means as a child, he rose to the top of the game through hard work and natural skill.


Currently, Hossain runs a chess academy in Bangladesh with the aim of nurturing young talents. With his coaching and guidance, he hopes to see more grandmasters emerge from his country soon.


He is considered one of the leading chess players from Bangladesh. He is the youngest Grand Master of Bangladesh. He is a perfect example of how one’s dedication alone can help someone reach their dream despite limited resources.

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