Bangladeshi Actress

(5 June 1950 – Present)

Who doesn’t know the name Shabana, the legendary actress of Bangla Film? Shabana is the stage name of Afroza Sultana Ratna, who dominated the Bangla Film as a heroine from 1967 to 1998. She also produced some films. For her notable acting, she earned ten times of Bangladesh National Film Award. She reigned for more than three decades in Bangla Film.

She was so popular and celebrated that she was called the Queen of Dhallywood. During this long duration, she acted in more than films including many Urdu and one Hindi film. Shabana also acted in the co-production of Pakistan and Turkey film Halchal in 1986, co-starred with Javed Sheikh. Andhi, Meherban, Daagh, Pail, Chand Aur, and Quilli were also her Urdu films. ‘Shatru’ was her only Hindi film directed by Promod Chakrabarty and co-starred with Rajesh Khanna. 

Shabana co-starred in most films with the popular actor Alamgir of Bangladesh. It was 130 in number. That’s why the Shabana-Alamgir pair is still in the memory of film lovers in Bangladesh. Other than Alamgir, she had successful pairings with Razzak, Bulbul Ahmed, Jashim, Sohel Rana, Ujjal, Zafar Iqbal, Illiyas Kanchan, Humayun Faridi, and so on.

Life of "Shabana" At a Glance

  • Full Name: Afroza Sultana Ratna (stage name Shabana)

    Date of Birth: 5 June 1950

    Father: Fayez Chowdhury (Typist)

    Mother: Fazilatunnesa (Housewife)

    Birth Place: Gendaria, Dhaka

    Religion: Islam (Sunni)

    Education: School dropout

    Married with: Wahid Sadik (m. 1973, Govt. Officer)

    Children: Two daughters: Shumi and Urmi. Son: Nahin

    Known For: Actress

    Notable Works:

    Films –

    •         Janani (1977)
    •         Sokhi Tumi Kar (1980)
    •         Dui Poisar Alta (1982)
    •         Nazma (1983)
    •         Bhat De (1984)
    •         Apeksha (1987)
    •         Ranga Bhabi (1989)
    •         Moroner Pore (1990)
    •         Achena (1991).
    •         Goriber Bou (1994)
    •         Matir Ghor
    •         Shabuj Shathi
    •         Ora Egarojon
    •         Chutir Ghonta


    Awards Own by Shabana-

    Shabana was awarded 10 Bangladesh National Film Awards. Apart from this she received the following awards –

    •         Bachshash Award (1982)
    •         Natto Niketon Award (1982)
    •         Art Forum Award (1984)
    •         Science Club Award (1984)
    •         Lalitokola Award (1985)
    •         Kamrul Hasan Award (1987)
    •         Bachshash Award (1987)
    •         Art Forum Award (1988)
    •         Natto Shova Award (1988)
    •         Kathak Academy Award (1989)
    •         National Youth Organization Award (1989)
    •         Projojok Shomiti Award (1991)

Early Life and Education

Shabana was born in Glendora, Dhaka on 5 June 1950. Her family originated in the Rauzan area of Chittagong. Her father was a typist and her mother was a housewife. She had to pass her early life with hardship.

Shabana was a student of Gendaria High School in old Dhaka. However, she did not enjoy the academic lessons. Her schooling was dropped when she was 9 years old.


She was eager to be an actress in her childhood. Once she had a chance to act as a child in the film ‘Natun Sur’ in 1962. In 1963, she appeared in a dancing scene in the Urdu film ‘Talash.’

After that she appeared in a few films as an extra. Shabana acted as co-heroine in the film ‘Abar Bonobashe Rupbaan’ and ‘Daak Babu’.

She debuted as a full heroine in the Urdu film ‘Chokori’. Popular Pakistani actor Nadim was in the role of hero. The film was directed by the prominent director Ehtesham. The stage name Shabana was given by the Director Capt. Ehtesham. The film was commercially very successful then. A rumor began with Shabana and Nadim after the success of Chokori. But somehow it declined with the time. 

During that time, Bangla Film was not that much popular. That’s why actors had intended to perform in the Urdu films. Shabana was not different from this trend. Once she appeared in two Bangla films ‘Abuj mon’ and ‘Madhu Milon’, co-starred with Razzak.

She established a film production house ‘SS Production’ with her father, the film ‘Mukti’ was the first production of her house which was released in 1969.

By this time Shabana was established in the industry by her graceful glamor and passion for work. She married Wahid Sadique in 1973. Wahid Sadique was a Govt. Officer. After marriage, Shabana engaged her husband in their business and was doing good with their best effort.

In 1997, a sudden declaration came from Shabana that she would be quitting her acting life. And really she left her dream world and started her full family life in the USA in 2000.

Shabana participated in Moscow Film Fest, Romania Film Fest, Can Film Fest and more other film festivals.

Personal Life

Since the year 2000 Shabana has been residing in New Jersey, USA. She is presently engaged with her business and managing own family.

Shabana has two daughters and a son. Her elder daughter Shumi Iqbal has completed MBA and CPA from USA. She is now a complete housewife. Younger daughter Urmi Sadik is set to complete her PhD from Harvard University. Her son Nahin Sadik, who has completed his master’s degree from Rutgers University, now is working at Bloomberg.


Shabana was always appreciated for her inborn humble and modest behavior not only with her co-stars but also with every person from tea-boy to Director in the film industry and out of her professional life; she is still remembered by the mass people.

Actor Ujjal describes her in the media as the most amiable and welcoming personality in the industry. Once he said in his interview: “Despite her stature, Shabana remains down-to-earth and treats everyone with respect and warmth. She effortlessly connects with people at all levels within the film fraternity, making them feel like family”.

Ujjal added, “Her sincerity and genuine care for her colleagues make her a rare gem in the film world”.

He continued, “There are only a handful of actresses as successful as Shabana in the industry. Her name is synonymous with box-office hits. Even after being away from the silver screen for over two decades, she continues to hold a special place in everyone’s hearts. How is this possible? It can only be attributed to her kind nature and big heart. This is her true accomplishment”.

Popular actor Sohel Rana uttered while wishing her birthday, “I have never witnessed Shabana being arrogant”.

So, this was Shabana, the Queen of Dhallywood, still honored by the street people to the elite, who geared up her own position in the film industry simultaneously who had noted dedications to build up the Bangla Films acceptable and adorable to the cine world.

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