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(Born June 8, 1995- Present)

Mohammad Ruman Shana was born to Abdul Gafur Shana and Beauty Begom on June 8, 1995, in Khulna, Bangladesh. The Khulna district hamlet of Koyra was where he grew up. Shana liked to shoot bamboo bows and arrows as a child. He was never the most focused student, but in eighth grade, he discovered a passion for archery.

Life of "Mohammad Ruman Shana" At a Glance

  • Real Name: Mohammad Ruman Shana 
  • Date of Birth: June 8, 1995
  • Place of Birth: Koyra village in Khulna.
  • Father’s Name: Abdul Gafur Shana 
  • Mother’s Name: Beauty Begom
  • Profession: Archery, Lance Naik of Bangladesh Ansar
  • Religion: Islam 
  • Native Language: Bengali
  • Spouse: Diya Siddique ​(m. 2023)



➢ Summer Olympic Games: (Caps: 1)

➢ World Archery Championships: (Caps: 4) 1 Bronze (Individual – 2019)

➢ World Cup Stage: (Caps: 8) 1 Silver (Team – 2021)

➢ Asian Games: (Caps: 2)

➢ Asian Outdoor Championships: (Caps: 6) 1 Bronze (Team – 2021)

➢ Asian Grand Prix Circuit: (Caps: 3) 1 Gold (Individual – 2019), 4 Silver (Individual – 2022, 2019; Team – 2022, 2019), 2 Bronze (Team – 2019, 2019)


Early Life and Education

Shana started training in archery under coach Monnaam Siddique while still a teenager. He demonstrated exceptional talent in the sport from the very beginning. Shana honed his skills rigorously over the years to emerge as one of the top archers in Bangladesh. During a selection tournament hosted by the Archery Federation in Khulna, Ruman Shana discovered his love for the sport. Shana was initially reluctant to join in, but his buddy Hasan persuaded him to participate. Shana was entirely captivated by the activity after just a few weeks of training. However, Shana put her archery skills on hold after receiving less-than-desirable marks on her Secondary School Certificate exams. However, in 2012, he was given another shot with the Bangladesh Ansar program after months away from the sport due to a motorbike accident. At first, Shana had a lot of trouble, but he kept at it and eventually became very good. His breakthrough came in 2014 when he won silver in the Asian Grand Prix, his first international competition. Shana has since become the country’s most successful archer, bringing many medals from international competitions. From humble beginnings in Khulna, he rose to the top of international archery because of his dedication and enthusiasm.


Ruman Shana has rapidly emerged as Bangladesh’s most accomplished archer, winning his first international medal (a silver) at the 2014 Asian Grand Prix. His breakthrough came at the 2019 World Archery Championships, where he became the first Bangladeshi to win a world medal by claiming a historic bronze. Shana was named Breakthrough Athlete of the Year that same year at the World Archery Awards, recognizing his meteoric rise. He has won gold medals at several significant events, including the 2017 International Archery Tournament, the 2019 Asia Cup, and the 2019 South Asian Games. With teammate Diya Siddique, Shana won silver at the 2021 Archery World Cup, Bangladesh’s best-ever showing. With 14 international medals to his name, Shana qualified for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Presently, Roman Sana is not having a good time at all. The poster boy of Bangladesh archery is trapped in a circle of despair; he is nowhere near his best. Due to disciplinary issues, the Bangladesh Archery Federation suspended Shana from all competitions for two years beginning in November 2021.

Controversy in Career life

During a training camp, Shana was accused of assaulting a female teammate. Shana took responsibility for his actions and agreed to the consequences. Even though she was suspended immediately, Shana could keep training until her suspension ended. Shana had been in trouble with the rules before, so this wasn’t the first time. It seems he had also expressed regret for an earlier event. The archer had violated the rules so often that the archery federation finally decided to take decisive action. For the suspension, Shana was not allowed to compete for either Bangladesh or the Bangladeshi national team in local or international competitions.

Personal Life

Shana tied the knot with Diya Siddiqui, another promising archer from Bangladesh. After coming to the national camp from BKSP, she met Roman Sana. Later, he represented the country in various tournaments. Won gold, silver, and bronze medals.


Shana is Bangladesh’s most decorated archer and one of the country’s most renowned athletes. His feats have brought more attention to the sport of archery in Bangladesh. With her World Championship medals, Shana cleared the way for other Bangladeshi archers to participate at the highest levels of international competition, including the Olympics. He serves as an example for aspiring archers around the nation. While Shana had emerged as Bangladesh’s top archer, his ban in November 2022 threatened to derail his career. It remains to be seen how he makes a comeback after the suspension. Shana must improve his conduct and discipline to regain his position on the national team. His legacy in the sport will depend on whether he can overcome this setback through strong performances post-ban.


Starting as a village boy in Khulna, Ruman Shana has risen rapidly to become Bangladesh’s champion archer in a few years. He will aim to win Bangladesh’s first Olympic medal in archery at the Tokyo Games. Shana’s skills, dedication, and pioneering achievements have made him a sporting icon.