Nurul Islam Babul
(Chairman at Jamuna Group)
(3 May, 1946 – 13 July 2020)


Nurul Islam Babul (1946-2020), was a business man. He was born in Nawabganj, Dhaka in a Muslim family. His father name is Amjad Hossen and his mother name is Jomila Khatun. He was died in 2020.

Nurul Islam Babul was a famous businessman. He was a freedom fighter and patriot. His every initiative was for the welfare of the country and the people. He was an independent thinker during his student life. He has set up 41 institutions. His business was in textile, electronics, oven garments, chemicals, leather, beverages, toiletries, motorcycles, and housing. He was the founder and chairman of Jamuna Group. By the way, Jamuna Future Park and Marriote Hotel are part of this Jamuna Group. Jamuna is established in 1970.  He was the first chairman of this group. He was also the owner of the famous newspaper which name is Jugantor and the popular television channel Jamuna TV.

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  • Profession :
  • Business Man
  • Born: 1946
  • Place of Birth: In Nawabganj (Churain Union) in the village of Kamalkhola
  • Nationality: Bangladeshi
  • Religion: Islam
  • Father: Amjad Hossen
  • Mother: Jomila Khatun
  • Children: Three daughters and one son including
  • Soniya Islam
  • Monika Islam
  • Rozalin Islam
  • Shamim Islam
  • Died: 13 July, 2020
  • Death age: 74 years
  • Reason of Death: Covid -19 positive
  • Born: 3 May, 1946
  • Wife: Salma Islam
  • Occupation: Chairman at Jamuna Group

Early life of “Nurul Islam Babul”:

  • Nurul Islam Babul was born in 1946 in Nawabganj, Dhaka.  He was born in a Muslim family. His father is Amjad Hossen and his mother is Jomila Khatun.  

Personal Life:

Nurul Islam Babul was married to Salma Islam who is the member of Jatiya Sangsad from the Jatiya Party. She is also a Vice-Chairman of Jamuna Group. He had four children: three daughters (Soniya Islam, Monika Islam, Rozalin Islam) and one son (Shamim Islam). In June 2020 when he was tested covid-19 positive then he was admitted to the Evercare Hospital in Dhaka.


Nurul Islam Babul was a famous businessman, a freedom fighter, and a patriot. He is the owner of the newspaper which name is Bangla daily Jugantor. He was the owner of Jamuna Group, Jamuna TV (television channel).


Murder case allegations:
In 2003, Alam Pramanik who was working on a real estate project in Badda was murdered after that Babul was arrested in 2004 for that case. In March 2004, around 100 law enforcement officers from various security agencies in Bangladesh raided Babul’s house. The home minister Lutfozzaman Babar took permission from the Prime Minister’s Office for this raid. When he was denied bail by the Court of Chief Metropolitan Magistrate then a case was filed by the owner of the dredger where he claimed that 12 of Babul’s men forcefully entered the dredger where his workers were sleeping and opened fire. The injured Pramanik was rushed to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. Babul’s defense lawyers claimed that those who were jealous of Babul’s success these allegations were a part of a conspiracy by them.

Death threats

In April 2003, the chairman of the Board of Investment and founder of the Amar Desh newspaper Mahmudur Rahman got threatened by Babul and for that reason, Babul was arrested by Bangladesh Police. He was later released on bail. Before this incident, Bangladeshi State Minister of Home Affairs Lutfozzaman Babar filed a case where he claimed Babul was threatening to kill him.  

Illegal property possession:

In 2007, Babul was arrested for his alleged involvement in corruption, illicit property, and anti-state activities. He was also accused of running real estate companies on public and private lands and occupying the land. His lawyers said the allegations were made to insult him.

Tax evasion:

In May 2003, the National Board of Revenue filed a case against Babul, his wife Salma Islam, and his son Shamim Islam for tax evasion and for providing false information about their income. He was also sued by six companies of the NBR Jamuna Group.   

Arrest attempt:

In 2013, Police tried to arrest Nurul Islam Babul from the residence of former President HM Ershad.


On 14 June 2020, he was admitted to Ever Care Hospital in Dhaka after suffering from coronavirus and kidney damage. He later died on 13 July 2020 at Ever Care Hospital in Dhaka.


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